PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin

PhotoQ is a WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a photoblog. If you are a photo enthusiast or simply have a lot of pictures to post, PhotoQ is your ideal companion. With PhotoQ you can mass upload several photos at the same time thanks to its batch image upload functionality. PhotoQ places uploaded photos in a queue which gives you a convenient way to manage photos to be posted. The plugin then gives you the possibility to have the top of the queue automatically posted at a given interval.

PhotoQ was designed to automate and simplify your photo posting process as much as possible. It takes away the hassle of browsing uploaded image files and embedding them into posts: You simply upload your photo to the queue and enter desired information about the photo. PhotoQ then automatically generates the post based on this information. PhotoQ is also able to automatically generate custom field content required by your theme: Gone are the days when you had to remember special post formatting instructions when publishing your photo posts. PhotoQ is compatible with virtually any WordPress theme. For your convenience it comes already bundled with configuration presets for some of the more popular photo centric themes.

To make a long story short, “WordPress + PhotoQ = Photoblog”. In addition to what is described above, PhotoQ also includes EXIF support, watermarking, batch editing and multiple image sizes.

An example of a photoblog running on WordPress and PhotoQ can be found at

Feature List

  • Convenient queue-based photo management
  • Bulk uploading of photos to your photoblog
  • Hassle-free, fully automated posting of photo posts
  • Integrates with virtually any existing theme
  • Zero-configuration presets for some of the most popular photo centric themes
  • Compatible with WordPress Site Networks (new)
  • Advanced Support for EXIF metadata, automatic generation of post information (e.g., title, date, tags) from EXIF and IPTC data (new)
  • Photo Watermarking to protect your photos
  • Possibility to add custom metadata to photo posts
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails and alternative image sizes
  • Future-proof thanks to automatic updating of all posted photos with only a few clicks
  • Automatic posting through cronjobs
  • Integration with Lightbox, Shutter Reloaded and similar libraries/plugins
  • Available in several languages through i18n support


PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin - Screenshot “Batch Upload”


PhotoQ 1.9 requires at least WordPress 3.0. PhotoQ 1.9 has been tested successfully up to WordPress 3.0. As of version 1.9, PhotoQ also works with WordPress Site Networks (replaces WPMU support added in version 1.8.3). While most of PhotoQ’s features work in exactly the same way in a single install and in a Site Network, there still are a few differences that are described in the Site Network section of this documentation.

If you insist in using an older WordPress version, please look for older PhotoQ versions that are compatible. Note however that I stopped developing the old branches, so there will be no updates/support in this case.

PhotoQ 1.9 requires a web browser with at least Flash Player 9 installed and has been successfully tested under Firefox 3 and Safari under MacOSX; Firefox 3 under Windows XP. There is, however, no reason to believe it won’t also work with other common combinations. It would be nice if the first people who test it with other browser/platform combinations could drop me a line or post a short comment. This would allow me to extend this compatibility list.

PhotoQ requires at least PHP 5.1.2. As of version 1.9 support for PHP 4 has been discontinued and PhotoQ will no longer work under PHP 4. Further, PhotoQ only runs on web servers with PHP safe_mode turned off. If your web hosting provider has safe_mode turned on you can try to ask them to turn it of. Most web hosting providers will disable safe_mode for your web page on request. In addition, PhotoQ needs either GD or ImageMagick to be present on the server for image manipulation.


  1. Get the latest version of the PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, you should end up with a folder called “photoq-photoblog-plugin”.
  3. Upload the “photoq-photoblog-plugin” folder to your “plugin” directory (wp-content/plugins).
  4. If you plan to use the automatic posting capability, move the file “photoq-photoblog-plugin/wimpq-cronpost.php” to the same directory as your wp-config.php file.
  5. You now have to setup a directory on your web server where your image files will be stored (called “imgdir” directory from here on). By default this is the directory “wp-content”. If you do not stick to the default one you have to create your directory now.
  6. Make sure that the file permissions of the “imgdir” directory are such that the plugin is allowed to write to it (otherwise, uploaded photos cannot be stored).
  7. PhotoQ also needs a “cache” directory to store temporary files. This is the directory
    ‘wp-content/photoQCache’. If PhotoQ has the permissions to write to ‘wp-content’ the “cache directory will be created automatically. Otherwise you have to create the ‘photoQCache’ directory now and make sure that the file permissions are such that the plugin is allowed to write to it.
  8. If your web hosting provider enabled the mod_security Apache module on your web server, you need to add the following directives to your .htaccess file in order for batch image uploads to work: <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off
    See the Troubleshooting section for more information.
  9. You are almost done. Just go to the “Plugins” WordPress admin panel and activate the Photoq plugin.


If you use PhotoQ in combination with the iQ2 Photoblog Theme, please upgrade iQ2 to the latest version before upgrading PhotoQ. If you don’t it may happen that, PhotoQ cannot be activated while the old iQ2 theme is running.

If you upgrade from a version prior to 1.5.2, please read the instructions in the post about PhotoQ version 1.5.2. Note that as of PhotoQ 1.6.5 upgrading functions are under “Settings->PhotoQ->Maintenance”.

Using PhotoQ – The Basics

Now that you successfully installed PhotoQ, you are ready to go. First you need to setup some of PhotoQ’s settings:

  1. In the “Settings” panel of the WordPress Administration you should now have a subpanel labeled “PhotoQ”. Go there.
  2. If you did not stick to the default “imgdir” during installation, you need to specify your choice under “Further Options->Image Directory”.
  3. If you missed anything during installation or if your web server is missing some requirements you will see a warning at the top. The warning is there for a reason, so if you see it please try to fix it before going on ;-)

Next, you need to setup PhotoQ to work with your theme. In particular, PhotoQ needs to now what image sizes it should automatically create and how these should be displayed in your theme. If the theme you are using boasts a PhotoQ preset there is nothing simpler than that:

  1. If the theme preset is bundled with PhotoQ go to step 4 (see “More on Views and Themes” for a list of themes with bundled preset).
  2. Create a folder named “myPhotoQPresets” inside “wp-content” (make sure PhotoQ has read permissions on the content of this folder).
  3. Place the preset file in the “myPhotoQPresets” folder.
  4. Select your theme in the drop-down list under “Settings->PhotoQ->Auto Configuration” and hit “Load Theme Preset”.
  5. That’s it, you can go to the fun part below and start to fill your photo queue.

If your theme does not yet have a preset, or if you want to customize your theme, here are the basics for setting up the theme display related settings of PhotoQ:

  1. For every photo you post, PhotoQ can automatically generate alternative image sizes. Per default it generates two image sizes called “thumbnail” and “main” in addition to the “original” photo. With the “Image Sizes” option you specify their respective dimensions as well as the desired image quality. Unless you decide to crop the photo PhotoQ always keeps the proportions of the generated image sizes the same as in the original photo. Also note that PhotoQ will not generate images bigger than the original. To fit in with a wide range of photoblog templates, PhotoQ gives you three possibilities to define dimensions:
    • “Maximum Dimensions”: you define a rectangle of maximum width and maximum height. Whatever constraint is met first determines the value of the other dimension. If you check the “crop” checkbox, the proportions of the original image are not kept but the photo is cropped to the exact width and height given.
    • “Smallest Side”: you fix the smallest side of the thumbnail to some value and have PhotoQ adapt the other side accordingly.
    • “Landscape Width”: you fix a maximal width. If your thumbnails orientation is “landscape”, it will have this width. If your thumbnails orientation is “portrait”, its height will be adjusted such that it matches the height of a photo with “landscape” orientation.
    • “Original Size”: the photo is not resized.
  2. If you think that the three provided image sizes “original”, “thumbnail” and “main” are not enough for you, you can add further image sizes by entering a name under “Name of new image size” and clicking on “Add Image Size”.
  3. If you are all confused now, I suggest that you leave the default options for now and play with the other options later. Also forget about the “Watermark” and “Hide original folder” options for now, they will be explained later.
  4. PhotoQ uses the two built-in WordPress template tags the_content and the_excerpt, that are also present in any regular WordPress post. Under “Views” you tell PhotoQ what to place in the content part of a post and what to place in the excerpt. For now we stick to the “Single Photo” option. The dropdown menus show the image sizes that are available and that we defined in the steps before. I suggest that for now you choose “main” for the_content and “thumbnail” for the_excerpt to place your main image in the content part and a smaller thumbnail version in the_excerpt. All the options are described in the “More on Views and Themes” section of this post.
  5. In the section for the_content you have an option to “Include photo description in post content”. If you check this option, the description of the photo is included in the content part of the post, just after the photo. The description is then placed in a <p> tag with class name “photoQDescr” to allow for easy styling via CSS. If you do not check this option, the description is only placed in a custom field with name “photoQDescr”. In short: if you do not know how to or do not want to tweak themes, check this option. If you know how to access a custom field from a theme and want greater flexibility, don’t check this option.
  6. “Further Options->Enable Batch Uploads”: Allows you to toggle the batch upload capability on and off.
  7. Skip the other options for now and click on “Save Changes” to, well, save the changes you made so far.
  8. Note that whenever you change a setting that affects the way a photo post looks (e.g. changing an image size, changing a view, changing the watermark), PhotoQ will update all previously posted photos to maintain a consistent look throughout your blog. Depending on the settings you changed, the number and size of your photos (“do I really need to upload a twelve megapixel original photo to my blog? wouldn’t a downsized version do the job as well?”), this update process may take a while. So once you click on “Save Changes”, do not interrupt the process, rebuilding all your photos might take a while. If a photo post does not get rebuilt properly, you can rebuild it manually by clicking “Rebuild” in the “PhotoQActions” column under “Posts->Edit”.

Now comes the fun part, you are ready to manage your photo queue:

  1. In the “Posts” panel of the WordPress Administration you should now have a subpanel labeled “PhotoQ”. Go there.
  2. As you have not yet uploaded any photos the queue is empty. To upload a photo click the button “Add photo to queue”.
  3. I think that the upload process is pretty self-explanatory. If you have batch uploads enabled, click on “Select photos…”. You can then choose several photos (via the standard cmd-click on MacOSX and ctrl-click on Windows) in the “Select Files” dialog box that pops up. The selected photos are queued for mass upload. Once the dialog box is closed, uploading starts automatically. If you have batch uploads disabled, the process is similar only that you choose the file to upload via the “Browse” button.
  4. Once the upload is completed you are presented with a panel where you can enter information that is common to all the photos you just uploaded. This batch editing is especially useful for entering tags and categories. Once you entered the common information (if any) click on the “Enter Info” button.
  5. You now get the chance to add information that is specific to a single photo. Choose the categories for the photo, add a title, a short description and some tags if you want. If the title is too long you might want to enter a shorter slug. Sometimes it is nice to see a photo in detail when entering information about it. PhotoQ easily allows this: if you click on a thumbnail, the corresponding photo will open in all its beauty in a new window. Once you entered the desired information, hit “Save Batch Info”. Don’t worry all the information can still be changed at a later stage.
  6. If everything went smoothly, you should now see the photos you just uploaded in the queue. You can add other photos to the queue if you like.
  7. Each entry in the queue can be edited by clicking on “Edit”. This gives you the possibility to alter all the fields.
  8. Entries in the queue can be easily reordered via drag-and-drop.
  9. You can remove photos from the queue by clicking on “Delete”.
  10. To publish the photo at the top of your queue to your photoblog, hit “Post top of queue”. PhotoQ then automatically generates a post according to your settings and the information you entered.
  11. The entry at the top of your queue should now be removed from the queue and appear as a new post on your photoblog.
  12. Check the result directly on your photoblog or in the “Posts->Edit” section of the WordPress Administration panel.
  13. Published posts can be edited through the standard WordPress post editing. There you also have the possibility to replace a published photo by uploading a new one.
  14. PhotoQ also has a dashboard widget that shows you the status of your queue at a glance.

More on Views and Themes

The laziest option when it comes to WordPress themes for PhotoQ is to use a theme that has a corresponding PhotoQ preset and to setup PhotoQ via the auto-configuration option described above. The following popular themes have presets that are already bundled with PhotoQ (Are you a theme author and would you like to see your theme in this list? Read on here.):

The rest of this section explains how to use PhotoQ with any existing theme and what you need to know should you decide to build your own. PhotoQ only relies on custom fields and standard WordPress template tags like the_content and the_excerpt. It should therefore not be too difficult to use virtually any WordPress theme with PhotoQ. In almost all cases you should not even have to adapt the theme at all, just choosing the correct PhotoQ settings should be enough.With the Views Setting (under “Settings->PhotoQ->Views”), you define which image size and what information PhotoQ places in the content part and what it places in the excerpt part of a post (we’ll call content and excerpt views from here on).

In addtion to the default “content” and “excerpt” views, you can define your own custom views by entering a name for the view to be created and hitting “Add new” in the Views settings.  In your theme you can then use the the_content and the_excerpt template tags to show the respective default view. Information placed in your custom views is added to a custom field with the same name as the view. To display custom views in your theme, you thus display the corresponding custom field. We are now going to have a look at the different view options:

  • “Empty, don’t manage” (content and excerpt only): Pretty self-explanatory, tells PhotoQ to not put anything in the corresponding view.
  • “Single Photo”: A single photo is placed in the view. You choose the image size to be used from the drop-down menu. The corresponding <img> tag has the CSS class attribute “PhotoQImg”.
  • “Image Link”: Instead of a single photo, an image link is displayed. With the drop-down menus you choose the image size that is displayed on the link as well as the target image it links to. This allows for integration with libraries like Lightbox that show JavaScript pop-up images. Just install, e.g., the Shutter Reloaded plugin, check this option and see what happens. You can specify what special attributes that are needed by the JavaScript library should be added to the link. The default option works for Lightbox and Shutter Reloaded. The <img> tag inside the link has CSS class “photoQLinkImg”.
  • “Freeform”: This is the most powerful option, giving you complete control over how you want to format your view. You can define whatever HTML code you would like to have displayed in the view. PhotoQ also defines a list of placeholders (shorttags) that you can add:
    • [title]: is expanded to the title of the post
    • [descr]: is expanded to the photo description
    • [exif]: the EXIF information associated to the photo formatted according to the EXIF formatting options.
    • [imgUrl|sizeName]: the URL of the photo. You additionally have to specify which image size you want the URL of. E.g. [imgUrl|main] to get the URL of the original photo.
    • [imgPath|sizeName]: the path to the photo on the webserver.
    • [imgWidth|sizeName]: the width of the photo.
    • [imgHeight|sizeName]: the height of the photo.
    • One shorttag with the same name as the field for every PhotoQ Meta Field that you defined.

    As an example, assume you have a view called “mainLink” that uses the following freeform option: <a href=”[imgUrl|main]“>[title] ( [imgWidth|main] x [imgHeight|main] )</a>. To every photo you post, PhotoQ will thus add a custom field with name “mainLink” that contains a link to the (main image size version) of the photo, the link’s text being the title of the post, followed by the dimensions of the photo. In your theme you can show this link with the usual call to something like get_post_meta().

  • “Photo Description”: For the content view you can inline the photo description. If you choose to do so, the description is not only stored in the “photoQDescr” custom field but a <p> tag containing the description and having a CSS class name “photoQDescr” is added after the single photo (image link, respectively).
  • “Exif Meta Data”: For the content view you can also inline EXIF information. If you choose to do so an unordered list with selected EXIF tags is displayed at the end of the post. See the EXIF section for more information.

With every post, PhotoQ also stores a number of custom fields that you can use in your templates. We have already seen some of them like “photoQDescr”. To display a custom fields in your theme you can for example use the WordPress function get_post_meta. Example: <?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'photoQDescr', true); ?> Here is a list of custom fields provided by PhotoQ for every photo post:

  • “photoQDescr”: Contains the description of the photo.
  • “photoQPath”: Contains the path of the original image. Never remove this, it is crucial for the functioning of PhotoQ.
  • “photoQImageSizes”: Contains an associative array (key = name of image size) with info on the image sizes. This allows easy access to the different image sizes from a template. For every image size there are the following fields: ‘imgTag’, ‘imgUrl’, ‘imgPath’, ‘imgWidth’, ‘imgHeight’. I guess the names are pretty self explanatory. To output the <img> tag of the “main” image size you could do something like: $sizes = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'photoQImageSizes', true);
    echo $sizes['main']['imgTag'];
  • “photoQExif” and “photoQExifFull”: See below under “EXIF Support”.
  • One custom field per “Meta Field”, see below under “Meta Fields”.

Theme Authors – Create a Preset for your Theme

If you want your users to benefit from PhotoQ auto-configuration, you, as a theme author, can easily create presets for your theme:

  1. Configure PhotoQ to your liking.
  2. Once you are happy with how it interacts with your theme, go to “Settings->PhotoQ->Auto Configuration”.
  3. Fill in the form by providing information about your theme. All information is optional, but it might help your users as well as myself if you enter all the information accurately.
  4. Once you hit “Create Theme Preset”, PhotoQ generates an XML file that contains all your current settings that are relevant for how your posts are displayed. In particular these are all the “ImageSizes” settings, all the “Views” settings, all the “Meta Fields” that you defined and the “Exif Formatting Options”. Further, you also have two checkboxes that allow you to additionally include the “PhotoQ Default Category” and “PhotoQ Default Tags” options, if they are required by your theme.
  5. Your users can place the generated XML file in a folder called “MyPhotoQPresets” that they create inside “wp-content” (PhotoQ needs read access to this folder, of course). The preset then shows up in the list of presets.
  6. You can also send me a pointer to the XML file, I might then include it as a default in future PhotoQ versions.
  7. Of course, even if you are not a theme author planning to release a preset, creating a preset is also a simple means of saving the current display related PhotoQ settings, such that you can reload them later.


PhotoQ has built-in support for displaying EXIF and IPTC metadata added to your photos by your digital camera. Whenever you upload a photo, PhotoQ learns about EXIF tags (all of the following applies to IPTC tags as well, they are both treated in exactly the same way; for simplicity we will solely use the term “EXIF tag” to denote both.) present in the photo. For every photo posted, PhotoQ stores two custom fields along with the post.

  1. “photoQExif”: You can select which EXIF tags to include in this field by dragging EXIF tags from the “deselected” list to the “selected” list under “Settings->PhotoQ->Exif”. You can also move tags between these two lists by clicking the corresponding “Switch Sides” link. EXIF tags will appear in the custom field in the order they have in the “selected” list. They can be reordered via drag-and-drop. For every EXIF tag you can also choose a custom display name. This allows you to e.g. display “DateTimeOriginal” as “Date” in your theme.A new cool feature is the possibility to automatically generate WordPress tags from EXIF metadata. If you e.g. check the “Create post tags from EXIF data” check-box of the “Make” and “ApertureValue” EXIF tags, PhotoQ will automatically add WordPress tags “f/2.8″ and “Canon” to the post of a photo that was shot with a Canon at f/2.8.For every available tag, you can also see a value in parentheses next to its name. These values are example values found in one of the photos you uploaded and are simply there to give you a better idea of what the corresponding EXIF tag is about.The custom field is formatted according to the settings under “Exif Formatting Options”. By default it has the following structure of an unordered list allowing for easy CSS styling: <ul class="photoQExifInfo"> <li class="photoQExifInfoItem"> <span class="photoQExifTag">tag name</span> <span class="photoQExifValue">tag value</span> </li> </ul>
  2. “photoQExifFull”: This custom field contains an associative PHP array (with keys corresponding to EXIF tags) containing all the EXIF data present in the photo. You can use this in your theme if you wish to have more flexibility than with the unordered list in “photoQExif”.


To protect your photos, PhotoQ gives you the possibility to add a watermark. Watermarking settings are found under “Settings->PhotoQ->Watermarking”. I think that the options are quite self-explanatory:

  1. Upload an image file to be used as watermark.
  2. Select position, opacity and margin from edges.
  3. For each image size defined under “Settings->PhotoQ->Image Sizes”, decide whether it should show the watermark or not via the “Add watermark to all images of this size” checkbox.
  4. Note that watermarks are not applied to the original images you uploaded. If you want to show a watermarked version of your photos in original size, you have to create another image size where you check both the “Original Size” radio button and the watermarking checkbox.
  5. If you don’t want people to have access to your non-watermarked original photo, you can check the “Hide original folder” option under “Settings->PhotoQ->Image Sizes”. PhotoQ then places original photos in folder with a name that is hard to guess instead of the standard ‘original’ folder, hiding your original photos from unwanted access.

Meta Fields

If you want to add more information to your photo posts than just the title and description provided by default, you have the possibility to do so via “Meta Fields”. Assume you want to associate each photo with the place where the photo was taken:

  1. Go to “Settings->PhotoQ->Meta Fields” in the WordPress Administration Panel.
  2. Click “Add Meta Field”.
  3. Give it a name, e.g. “place” and hit “Add Field”.
  4. For every photo you upload you will now have an additional field called “place” where you can enter the desired information. Once posted, the field is saved as a custom field with the same name.
  5. The list of Meta Fields can be edited by clicking on “Rename” or “Delete”.
  6. The three options “Upon Add/Delete/Rename” define whether changes you make to a Meta Field are also applied to the corresponding Custom Field of already posted photos. Example: Assume you already posted 20 photos and only then decide to add a new Meta Field called “place”. If you check “Upon Add, Add to already posted as well”, a Custom Field named “place” (with an empty value) will be added to all of the already posted photos as well.

Automatic Posting Via Cronjobs

PhotoQ allows you to have the top of your queue posted at regular intervals. This is especially useful if you go on a vacation and still want your photoblog to go on. Just fill up the queue before you leave and have PhotoQ do the rest. To set up automatic posting, you need to do the following:

  1. Set the frequency at which the posts should occur. This can be set in “Settings->PhotoQ->Further Options->Automatic Posting”.
  2. Remember where on your web server you saved the file “wimpq-cronpost.php”.
  3. Setup a cronjob to execute “wimpq-cronpost.php” at your desired interval. Don’t worry, most often your webhost will set this up for you if you tell him/her the URL of your “wimpq-cronpost.php” file and when and how often you want the cronjob to be executed.
  4. Upon each execution of “wimpq-cronpost.php”, PhotoQ checks whether the last post occurred more than X hours ago (where X is the value you set in the PhotoQ Options panel). If so, the top of your queue is posted automatically.
  5. It might thus be a good idea to set the PhotoQ cron job frequency slightly lower than the interval of the actual cron job. E.g., assume you want a post once a day. Setup your cron job to execute the “wimpq-cronpost.php” file once a day at the desired time and set the “cronjob runs every x hours” in the “PhotoQ Options” to “23h”.
  6. One execution of the cron job can post multiple photos if you check “Use settings of second post button for automatic posting.” In this case you can set the number of photos to post in the “Second Post Button” settings under “Further Options”.
  7. You can also add all photos in the FTP upload folder automatically to the queue when the cronjob runs. This can be useful on a fully automated site where you have some mechanism to automatically upload photos to the FTP directory, and you want its content automatically posted. To do so you need to check “When cronjob runs, automatically add FTP uploads to queue.” and FTP uploads need to be enabled and configured as well of course. Also make sure that PhotoQ has write permissions to the FTP directory, otherwise it is not able to move the photos from the FTP directory to the queue but it will only copy them and reattempt to move them again the next time the cronjob is executed.
  8. Note: If your webhost does not allow you to setup your own cronjob you might be able to do something similar with a WordPress plugin such as WP-Cron (I have not tested this, so should you be able to make PhotoQ work together with such a plugin, please drop me a line).
  9. A neat alternative solution to the above has been brought to my attention by Phil from If your webhost does not allow cronjobs you can alter the WordPress index.php file in the following way: <?php /* Short and sweet */ define('WP_USE_THEMES', true); ob_start(); require('./wimpq-cronpost.php'); ob_end_clean(); require('./wp-blog-header.php'); ?>This then emulates a pseudo-cron executed every time a user visits your website. Thanks Phil, for pointing this out.
  10. A nice tutorial on how to setup a cronjob for WordPress and PhotoQ was written by Jay Versluis. Thanks a lot!

More Options

The following options are not explained elsewhere in this post. They can all be found under “Settings->PhotoQ->Further Options”.

  • “ImageMagick Path”: Here you can set the path to the ImageMagick convert binary on your webserver. If you set this path, PhotoQ will use ImageMagick instead of the GD library. A note shows you whether the path you entered is correct. Depending on the amount of memory assigned to PHP and the size of your photos, you may have to configure ImageMagick for PhotoQ to work properly.
  • Import photos uploaded via FTP. The option “FTP Upload” lets you enable importing photos from a specified directory on your server. Once enabled, you get a new button “Import from ftp directory…” when adding photos to your queue. A click on the buttons leads to the FTP import screen where you can choose which photos from the ftp directory PhotoQ should import and where you can also enter common info for the photos to be imported. Note that depending on whether PhotoQ has write permissions to the ftp directory it will copy (if it doesn’t have write permission) or move (if it does) the selected files from the ftp directory to the queue.
  • Publish several photos from the queue at once. In the PhotoQ management panel (“Posts->PhotoQ”) there is a second post button to the left of the “Post Top of Queue…” button. With the “Second Post Button” option you can specify how many photos are published at once if you hit this button.
  • Roles and Capabilities: As of version 1.7, PhotoQ supports WordPress Roles and Capabilities. The following roles are allowed to use PhotoQ: “administrator”, “editor” and “author”. Administrators are the only ones allowed to change PhotoQ Settings. All three roles are allowed to access the queue. However, authors are only allowed to edit/delete the photos they uploaded to the queue themselves. Additionally, PhotoQ defines the following three capabilities: The capability…
    1. …to reorder the queue
    2. …to use the primary post button to publish posts
    3. …to use the secondary post button to publish posts

    For both the editor and the author role you can decide whether to grant or deny any of these three capabilities.

  • “PhotoQ Default Author”: If no author was specified / could be determined, posts generated by PhotoQ will be published under this author.
  • “PhotoQ Post Status”: Here you can choose the status of posts published via PhotoQ.
  • “PhotoQ Default Category”: Here you can choose the default category for PhotoQ posts.
  • “PhotoQ Default Tags”: Same for tags, here you can choose the default tags for PhotoQ posts.
  • Lists of categories can be folded away throughout the plugin which is convenient if you deal with a lot of categories. The “Fold Categories” option lets you decide whether you want category lists to be open or closed by default.
  • “Deleting Posts: Delete image files from server when deleting post”: If not checked, image files associated with a post are left on the server if you delete the post.
  • “Admin Thumbs”: Here you can define the size of the thumbnails shown in the Admin section.
  • “Auto Titles”: Here you can specify whether to generate titles automatically from filenames or from the EXIF “ImageDescription” tag. If you choose to create titles from filenames, you can enter a regular expression defining what parts of the filename to omit for automatically generated titles. Further, you can define rules that specify how automatically generated post titles should be capitalized.
  • “Auto Description”: If you annotated your photos with a description embedded in the EXIF “ImageDescription” tag, you can choose to automatically generate the photo description from this tag here.
  • “EXIF Date”: If checked, the post date is set according to the date the photo was taken instead of the date when the post was published.

Under “Settings->PhotoQ->Maintenance” you will additionally find a button called “Rebuild All”. This can be used to force rebuilding of all your posted photos. Every downsized version of a photo is then rebuilt from its original according to your PhotoQ settings and the corresponding post is adapted accordingly. Note that “Rebuild All” is meant as a maintenance tool. Normally, you should not need to use it to keep your website consistent: PhotoQ rebuilds posted photos whenever a relevant setting changes.

PhotoQ for WordPress Site Networks

Most of PhotoQ’s features work in exactly the same way under a single install and a network of sites. Here is a list of the few things that are specific to Site Networks.

  • FTP uploads are disabled in Site Networks. Users likely do not have FTP access anyway.
  • “imgdir” cannot be chosen but is fixed to the upload directory of the individual blog.
  • All users share the same cache directory located at “wp-content/photoQCache”.
  • Some settings like, e.g., the ImageMagick setting, can only be changed by site admins and are  sitewide, i.e., they apply to all blogs.
  • You can place your own theme presets in the folder “wp-content/myThemePresets” (just create it if isn’t there and make sure Photoq has read access). These presets will then be available sitewide.
  • Cronjobs: Put the “wimpq-cronpost.php” file (or to whatever you rename it to) to the WP root as explained in the PhotoQ documentation. To run the cronjob on a specific blog you need to execute the corresponding url: e.g., or instead of what you would do with standard WordPress (which would be How to automate this process upon creation of every new blog is explained in an excellent tutorial (in French) by Stéphane Briot (Note that this is for the old WPMU, not sure to what extend this applies to Site Networks). Thanks Stéphane!

PhotoQ in Your Language

PhotoQ has support for internationalization. Translating PhotoQ is handled through the collaborative GlotPress tool. Thanks to this wonderful tool, everyone can easily contribute to translating PhotoQ at the following URL: . Contributing to translations is really not difficult and pretty self explanatory and I am happy about any contributions I can get. Even if you only translate one single line, you help to bring this project forward. So, now it is your turn… ;-)

To log in, you use the same credentials as for the forum. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register at the forum. A registration also allows you to directly download the latest language .po files. If you feel highly motivated and want to become a validator for a specific language (preferably your mother tongue), please let me know (Note that you can contribute without being a validator). If you want to contribute to a translation in a language that is not listed on the page, please let me know and I will add it.

If you feel that you need more information, I suggest that you start by reading the “Getting Started Guide” at to get a short introduction to GlotPress. More general information on translating WordPress can be found in the codex.

As explained above, the latest .po files can be obtained directly from the the translation page. All i18n related files that are available at the time of publishing are also bundled with PhotoQ and can be found in the “/lang” directory inside the plugin folder. Currently, the translation status of PhotoQ is the following:

  • Chinese – Hong Kong – 香港 (zh_HK) initial translation by Anthony Chan: .mo, .po
  • Chinese – Taiwan – 臺灣 (zh_TW) initial translation by Anthony Chan: .mo, .po
  • French – Français (fr_FR) initial translation by Ulrich Sossou: .mo, .po
  • English: default, part of core
  • German – Deutsch (de_DE): part of core, bundled with PhotoQ
  • Spanish – Español (es_ES) initial translation by Caleidos: .mo, .po

Troubleshooting – Help it doesn’t work!

Here is a short checklist in case something doesn’t work as expected. Please go through this before asking me for help.

  1. Did you check the requirements?
  2. Clearing your browser’s cache can work wonders.
  3. Did you check the PhotoQ options? Especially, are the paths to your “imgdir” correct?
  4. Are you sure “cache” and “imgdir” file permissions are set correctly?
  5. Do you have other plugins installed? If so, disable all other plugins and check whether it works now. Should you find any incompatibilities with other plugins please let me know. So far I know about the following plugins that are not compatible with PhotoQ: “Lighter Admin Drop Menus v2.3″.
  6. Does it work with batch uploads disabled? If not, try to make it work with batch uploads disabled first.
  7. “Everything seems to work but even if I enable batch uploads, I only get the option to upload one file at a time!” Is JavaScript enabled in your web browser?
  8. “I get a HTTP 403 error message when trying to do a batch upload?” Most probably, your web hosting provider enabled mod_security on your web server. Batch upload makes use of Flash and Flash is known to send malformed http headers which are rejected by mod_security. The only solution seems to be to turn off mod_security by adding the directives given above to your .htaccess file. Anyone having a better solutions is most welcome to let me know about it.
  9. “I am getting a ‘Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons…’ or similar”. Some web hosting providers limit the execution time of PHP scripts and do not allow you to change it. PhotoQ tries to remove the limit because if you have a large batch upload, it might take some time. If you get warnings like the one above, you can comment the line set_time_limit(0); in the beginning of the whoismanu-photoq.php file by replacing it with //set_time_limit(0);Huge batch upload jobs might then however sometimes be aborted if they take longer than the maximum execution time allowed by your web hosting provider.
  10. “In the admin section I get light blue images with a red warning like ‘… All attempts to create GD image source failed …’ instead of the thumbnails”. You hit the memory limit with the GD library. This leaves you with three options in order of preference:
    1. configure ImageMagick (see under “More Options”)
    2. increase memory allocated to PHP by adding something like php_value memory_limit 16M (and where you replace 16M with the amount of memory you want to allocate) to your .htaccess file.
    3. upload smaller, down-sized images.
  11. “When I click on ‘Select Photos’, nothing happens!” Probably you are using Flash Player 10 and a PhotoQ version prior to 1.6. Upgrade to at least PhotoQ 1.6 for Flash Player 10 support.

If nothing helps, don’t hesitate to ask – I would be glad to help. In order to be able to help you, I need to at least know the versions of WordPress and PhotoQ you are using, your browser/platform combination, whether it works with batch uploads disabled and of course the potential error message you are getting. If you get an error message of any kind, it might also be helpful to know what you were trying to do just before you got the error message. But please check the points above before writing about a problem. At least double-check the requirements. It will save me (and you!) a lot of time that is better spent improving PhotoQ than looking for imaginary problems. Also please use the Support Forum for bug reports and support questions rather than posting here or sending me email. Thanks.

Support PhotoQ – Help to Make PhotoQ Better

You like PhotoQ? Here’s what you can do to support PhotoQ and help making it better:

  • Any comments, suggestions, bug reports, feature requests, contributions to future versions, compatible themes, etc., etc. are highly appreciated. Any help to improve PhotoQ is more than welcome. I cannot fix/improve anything if I don’t know what is wrong.
  • You use PhotoQ? Why not give PhotoQ credit through a backlink on your website?
  • You think PhotoQ is the greatest plugin out there? There are many ways to promote PhotoQ: Tell your friends, or even tell the world by writing a blog post, …
  • You made a photoblog using PhotoQ? Let me know. I will soon include a list of the best PhotoQ based blogs.
  • You made/saved money thanks to PhotoQ? Due to repeated request I set up a donate link to give you the chance to give some of it back ;-)

Version History

  • 16.07.2010 – 1.9: A lot of bugs fixed. IPTC support, post date from EXIF date, compatible with PHP 5.3 and WP 3.0.
  • 22.11.2009 – 1.8.3: WPMU compatible, queue sorting, non-standard wp-content dirs, new handling of permissions. Some bugs fixed.
  • 23.09.2009 – 1.8.2: Fixes bug resulting in queue not posted in correct order.
  • 22.09.2009 – 1.8.1: Fixes bug with photo uploads on Windows servers. See the forum for more bugs fixed.
  • 18.08.2009 – 1.8: Major update: new freeform view settings, extended theme support, auto-configuration for themes. Some bug fixes.
  • 23.07.2009 – 1.7: Major update: adds internationalization, roles/capabilities, new EXIF handling, automatic tags from EXIF information, new handling of published photo editing, proper capitalization of auto titles, dashboard widget, default status of PhotoQ posts. Update to PhpThumb 1.7.9. A lot of bug fixes.
  • 16.06.2009 – 1.6.6: Now compatible with WP 2.8.
  • 08.04.2009 – 1.6.5: Time consuming tasks now split over several Ajax requests. Rebuild all photos with single click. Bugs fixed: wrong escaping in batch uploads; unnecessary photo rebuilds when changing options.
  • 18.03.2009 – 1.6.4: Bugs fixed: PhotoQ default category and default author that stopped working in 1.6.3 now should work again.
  • 11.03.2009 – 1.6.3: Bugs fixed: Now compatible with WP 2.7.1: No more disappearing photo descripitons etc. after batch uploads; Database table definitions adjusted to prevent problem with IIS servers. Option handling refactored. Same goes for object handling in PHP4.
  • 25.01.2009 – 1.6.2: Better interaction between iQ2 and PhotoQ, singleton pattern updated.
  • 16.12.2008 – 1.6.1: Cron jobs should now work again. Multiple photos can now be posted automatically at once, upon automatic posting photos uploaded via FTP can now be automatically added to the queue.
  • 12.12.2008 – 1.6: Compatible with WordPress 2.7, compatible with Flash Player 10, regex for auto titles, better support for Canon EXIF maker notes, puts less stress on web server.
  • 13.11.2008 – 1.5.3: Fixed problem with identical post dates when batch posting.
  • 04.11.2008 – 1.5.2: Introduces FTP uploading, batch publishing, category folding and nicer default titles. Cache folder is no longer inside plugin folder to prevent problems with auto upgrade. Database changes include new id for the main table and WordPress charsets and collations for all PhotoQ tables. inline description moved from <p> tags to <div> to prevent problems with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • 24.09.2008 – 1.5.1: Repacked PhotoQ with new folder structure on WordPress plugin directory to overcome auto upgrade problems. Root plugin directory is now “photoq-photoblog-plugin” instead of “whoismanu-photoq”.
  • 22.09.2008 – 1.5: Major Update, most code rewritten. New libaries used: phpThumb and Exifixer. New features include: multiple image sizes, exif, watermarking, easy update of posted photos.
  • 15.07.2008 – 1.2.6: Compatible with WordPress 2.6.
  • 06.05.2008 – 1.2.5: Category handling adapted to WordPress 2.5.1. Two new settings to choose default category and author of PhotoQ posts.
  • 22.04.2008 – 1.2.4: Bugs fixed: Problems with filenames containing special characters; Disappearing Media Library update links in Write panel caused by PhotoQ.
  • 16.04.2008 – 1.2.3: Bugs fixed: PHP4 compatibility restored, no more lost settings; Now compatible with localized WP versions, no more “swfu not defined”. Now also compatible with IE7; SWFUpload updated to 2.1.0b2.
  • 04.04.2008 – 1.2.2: Bugs fixed: Ajax queue ordering did not work if dashes present in filenames; Header of queue no long sortable; Correct authentication of Ajax queue manipulations; Cookies no longer sent during Ajax calls.
  • 15.03.2008 – 1.2.1: Fixes a bug that could under some conditions provoke empty width and height attributes
  • 09.03.2008 – 1.2: Compatible with WP 2.5. Migrated batch uploads to SWFUpload 2 for greater stability. Ajax Queue Management. Lightbox Integration. Runs on Reusable Options.
  • 25.11.2007 – 1.1.5b: PhotoQ is now able to truly resize photos. It now also integrates with existing themes more easily because of the new option to directly include the description in the post content. Category display bug when updating queue has been corrected.
  • 07.11.2007 – 1.1.4b: PhotoQ is now again retro-compatible with WordPress versions that do not have built-in tagging support. Only update if you use a WordPress version prior to 2.3.
  • 04.11.2007 – 1.1.3b: PhotoQ now supports WordPress’ native tag handling introduced in WordPress 2.3. Please read this post to see how to import tags from meta fields to the new structure.
  • 20.10.2007 – 1.1.2b: changed require_once statements so that the plugin also runs on web servers that don’t like relative paths in these statements. Update only if you encountered problems with version 1.1.1b.
  • 17.10.2007 – 1.1.1b: “Largest Side” image/thumb-size option is now a “Smallest Side” option. “Largest Side” can still be mimicked by setting both values in the “Maximum Dimensions” option equal to the desired value.
  • 14.10.2007 – 1.1b: first major update. Features mass uploads via SWFUpload. New options for image/thumbnail sizes. Better photo preview in admin section. Enhanced security due to use of wp_nonces. Under the hood, big parts of the code have been restructured.
  • 07.10.2007 – 1.0.2b: patch to make it compatible with WordPress 2.3.
  • 22.01.2007 – 1.0.1b: fixed a bug that caused PhotoQ to handle some paths and urls improperly. Anyone wanting to use PhotoQ should update to this new version.
  • 11.01.2007 – 1.0b: first public release.


Thanks to all the PhotoQ users who help to keep up my motivation to continue this project. Thanks for all the kind comments and helpful bug reports. Many thanks to the guys at Without their great SWFUpload script, there would be no batch uploads in PhotoQ. Sames goes for James Heinrich who wrote the phpThumb Library and Jake Olefsky who wrote the Exifixer library. Without their great work PhotoQ would not be where it is today.


Comments (730)

  • 1
  • 2

    Glas | - Blogograaf uit Almere thinks:

    [...] veranderingen aan de achterkant van WordPress 2.7 had ik er niet helemaal bij stilgestaan dat de PhotoQ plugin die ik gebruik om de foto’s automatisch in de goede verhoudingen te zetten een probleem zou [...]

  • 3

    Tim Rybak writes:

    Love the new version! I noticed that my automatic posting has stopped working now. I made sure that my index.php file contained the code from step 7 above, as my host doesn’t support cron jobs. It doesn’t seem to be working since the upgrade. Any ideas?

  • 4

    whoismanu says:


    you are right, cronjobs seem broken under wp 2.7. i must have overlooked something. i’ll send you a patch to test as soon as possible. thanks for letting me know.

  • 5

    PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin Update 1.6.1 - More Options for Cron Jobs writes:

    [...] update of the PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin fixes issues with the automatic posting functionality under PhotoQ [...]

  • 6

    axel thinks:

    on wordpress 2.7
    I get this error when I try to install the PhotoQ Plugin. Manu, hope you’ll get this working soon. thanks!

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class optioncontroller in /homepages/38/d69683084/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/lib/ReusableOptions/OptionController.php on line 55

  • 7

    whoismanu says:


    do you have the iq2 theme installed as well? if so can you deactivate the theme and try it again?

  • 8

    sam says:

    For some reason when I try to edit a posted photo to add text to it, it doesn’t save. any ideas?

  • 9

    doubleshot writes:

    i have the same issue as axel, i tried as you suggested and disabled the iq2 theme and it worked. upon re-enabling the theme i get white backgrounds (check the site:

  • 10

    doubleshot thinks:

    disregard that, i forgot about my colors css, moved it back in and it’s all good. keep up the good work. thanks!

  • 11

    whoismanu says:


    do you have photo descriptions inlined? if not you have to add text to the photoQDescr custom field and not the main wordpress content area.

  • 12

    whoismanu says:


    thanks. so the issue with iq2 and photoq is well what i thought. i will thus fix it in the next update.

  • 13

    sam says:


    How do I make them inlined? alternatively, is there any way to do this after a photo’s been posted?


  • 14

    whoismanu says:


    sorry for my late answer. i just looked into this and from what you describe i guess you already have the description inlined (photo description checkbox in photoq view settings).
    it also looks like there is a slight problem with adding a description to a photo that is already published and doesn’t have a description yet. i will have to overhaul this mechanism for the next update.
    until then i found a way to do it with the current version. but it is a bit awkward, sorry:

    1. open the post in question for editing
    2. add the description to the photoQDescr custom field and hit update just below the field name
    3. go back to the list of published photos and hit rebuild for the photo in question in the last column.

    hope this works for you. sorry for the mess.

  • 15

    Week One @ Bruce Hartman Photography thinks:

    [...] rigid (i.e. pictures didn’t have to be taken the day they were posted) then something like PhotoQ would be perfect (it really is a slick plugin, it’s just not suited for my current [...]

  • 16

    Pete thinks:

    I am also a user of this fantastic plugin.

    When trying to use a backup of my WP site, it looks like a PhotoQ function is causing an error:
    “Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in /wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/lib/ReusableOptions/OptionController.php on line 198″ (message displayed 20 times)

    This happens with the pre-2.7 Version as well as with the latest, it happens at my old hoster as well as at my new webspace. Recommended backing up procedures were duly followed…

    This issue prevents me from moving my WP install since there is no way I can do without PhotoQ.

    It would be great if anyone had an idea how to deal with it…

    Thx a bunch

  • 17

    whoismanu says:


    thanks for letting me know. could you give me a link to the backup instructions you followed? i could then try to do the steps and see where it breaks.

  • 18

    Debbie writes:

    Well – I have it mostly working. I just uploaded 10 photos to photoQ and received a total of 95 error messages via email that look like this:

    You tried going to and it doesn’t exist. All is not lost! You can click back and try again or search for what you’re looking for.

    Any suggestions?

  • 19

    whoismanu says:


    you most probably have the “ImageMagick Path” wrongly configured under photoq settings->further options. it looks like photoq is looking for the imagemagick library in a wrong place.

    you can easily check this, if it is not correct there is a note below the option saying that it is not correct. i cannot tell you the exact settings as it depends on your server. the most common one is given as example in the option.

    if you are not sure or don’t care about gd or imagemagick you can just leave it blank. i guess that if you put it back to blank and save the settings or if you put in the correct imagemagick path your errors will go away.

  • 20

    Debbie thinks:

    Saw the error – then I tried it with a blank and got no error listed in the settings, but many came to me in email. My host has three paths listed; I tried each in turn and uploaded a new image to the queue and each time got a load of error emails, but only one had an error showing on the settings page…

    I’ll submit the issue to my host and see if they can narrow this down. I just want to turn off the notification emails – everything seems to be working just fine.

  • 21

    gary little writes:

    I am using wordpress 2.7 and the latest download from you. I get the following when i try to activate it:

    Warning: require_once(/home/gwlco/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gwlco/ on line 39

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/gwlco/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/gwlco/ on line 39

  • 22

    whoismanu says:


    yes and i already answered to you on the comments you posted earlier here:

    please check there and tell me whether it helped. thanks.

  • 23

    Pete writes:

    Manu: I followed the general backup instructions (, the ‘Simple Backup’ procedure).

    A workaround for me was the Import/Export function of WP 2.7 – instead of backing up, I updated to 2.7, imported the ‘faulty’ DB and got into the admin panel despite the errors. I exported all articles from there, then did a clean WP 2.7 install and imported the articles, installing all plug-ins from scratch and voilá…

  • 24

    whoismanu says:


    thanks for the info, i will have a look at it.

  • 25

    whoismanu says:


    i just did the following, guess that corresponds to the backup/recovery steps you executed

    1. backup db in phpmyadmin
    2. copy all the files to the new location
    3. in the new location, import db i backed up in step 1.

    in my case it ran through without problems. do you still have your database backup that caused problems? if yes it would be great if you could send me the portion corresponding to photoq options (don’t send me everything, i don’t want to see all your private stuff…). it should be one line (the only on containing the word “wimpq-options”) looking sth like this:

    (127, 0, ‘wimpq_options’, ‘a:21:{s:11:…..),

  • 26

    4.13 Fotoworkflow met Lightroom | DIGITALE•FOTOGRAFIETIPS writes:

    [...] voor mijn weblog exporteer ik het bestand naar mijn Desktop en vervolgens kan ik hem met de PhotoQ plugin voor WordPress op mijn site [...]

  • 27

    Updates: PhotoQ 1.6.2, iQ2 1.0.3 says:

    [...] are two small updates available, one update for PhotoQ and another update for iQ2. The updates remove a bug in their interaction. You only need to update [...]

  • 28

    Pete says:

    hope the wimpq_options part helped a bit.

    There are 2 more questions that have come up recently:

    While moving to a different domain, a pathrelated problem came up that breaks post management, the photoQpath still points to the old webspace structure.

    Is there a way to alter the photoQPath in all existing posts other than doing directly in the database (maybe I am blind to some PhotoQ-option here?)?

    Another thing that came to my mind concerns the order of published photos. Right now batch-published pictures are spaced by 1 second; is there a way to have the timestamps given to the posts differ by a variable amount of time, say e.g. 5 minutes? This would help when you decide to publish some pictures later and want them to appear between 2 already published ones…


  • 29

    Miklas Njor says:

    Dear Manu.

    This is a super duper plugin. Thank you so much for creating it. I looked at many plugins to act as an easy photoarchive, but none seemed up the task. This one fits the bill.

    Is there any way to access iptc fields and maybe store them in the database?

    Thank you, Miklas.

    P.S: I’ve voted for you on coolphotoblogs and ofcourse a five star rating on wordpress.

  • 30

    whoismanu says:


    glad to hear and thanks a lot for the votings/ratings ;-)

    i am not sure whether the exif library i use also supports iptc. could you provide me with a download link for an image with iptc data so i can play around a bit? thanks.

  • 31

    Miklas Njor says:

    If I write captions and other things via Photoshop CS the data can be read by PhotoQ. But not if I write info via fotostation. This is because Photoshop writes some of the IPTC information to the camera EXIF and fotostation only writes to the file’s IPTC. Good to know that data can be entered offline, but I still think it would be a good idea to be able to read IPTC and XMP as a lot of photographers use this.

    I did a clean install of WP and PhotoQ just to be sure nothing was being called from some old files.

    Kind regards, Miklas.

    P.S. Hope you got my other email.

  • 32

    William thinks:

    Hi, is it possible to use photoQ from those who’s role is not Administrator. Like say the Administrator and publisher roles?


  • 33

    whoismanu says:


    i plan to add this in the future but right now (v1.6) it is admin only, sorry.

  • 34

    Arclight thinks:


    Whenever I set categories for a post uploaded through photoq it always ignores what categories I have told it to use, and resets it back to uncategorized.

  • 35

    whoismanu says:


    could you please be a bit more specific? where do you set categories? during the upload process? once they are in the queue? once they have been posted?

  • 36

    Sajin thinks:

    Are there any tags that can be used to display image thumbnails (say, by category or tag) in a page or in the sidebar? This would be a great feature to have.

    Something like [InsertPhotoQ(CategoryName)]

  • 37

    Arclight writes:

    I set them during upload and when I go to look at the queue they have reset to uncategorized, when I edit them in the queue they are still listed as uncategorized when I go back to look at them,

    the only place that works is when they have been posted where the category is remembered and displays properly.

  • 38

    whoismanu says:


    bug confirmed on wordpress 2.7.1. thanks. the same actually goes for the description it is not really accepted properly anymore. i am working on a fix.

  • 39

    whoismanu says:


    no right now, photoq doesn’t provide any tags. i don’t know but maybe there is another plugin that creates tags from standard wordpress entries like custom fields or the_excerpt or something similar. if there is i guess this would suit your purpose. but as i said i am not sure whether something like this exists.

  • 40

    11 Photoblogging Plugins for WordPress | (Anti) Social Development says:

    [...] PhotoQ – PhotoQ doesn’t work as a gallery or enhance images in any way but increases the photoblog functionality of WordPress. It adds batch image upload, automated posting of photo posts, exif metadata, watermarking, and much more. [...]

  • 41

    Kip Gordon thinks:

    Hey, I just installed PhotoQ on my photo blog. Works wonderfully. I still haven’t gotten the cron job posting fully up and running yet… I think I figured out why it wasn’t posting. I kept manually posting too so it kept thinking, “Hey, a post happened less than 12 hours ago, guess I shouldn’t post!” So any, that’s easy to fix.
    Also, have a feature suggestion: add the ability to have the automatic posting pick a random image from the queue to post. The reason I see for this is that sometimes I have multiple images from one event and they look similiar, would be nice to not have a string of images from the same time/place.
    Anyway, great plugin, I’ll add a link to you on my site.



  • 42

    Kip says:

    Ok, I got the cron stuff sorted out but I have another issue now. :) When I go to the queue is doesn’t display any of the thumbnails and when I click edit on a photo it starts to move to the edit page but, all the edit/delete buttons disappear, the segment for the image disappears but the edit option never show up. It worked before… not sure what went wrong. I AM using wp v 2.7.1. Not sure if it’s an issue with that. Anyone else had that problem?

  • 43

    dada writes:

    when i upload the photos to queue, it says

    Cannot load whoismanu-photoq.php.

    i use the wp 2.7 and the phptoq is 1.6.2

  • 44

    Richard says:

    Hey there. I’ve been looking for a plugin that can trawl though an upload directory full of jpegs, and automatically make a post per photo. Your plug does all that :-)

    However (there is always a however!) I want to have the post meta data auto-populated from the picture’s meta data. Have PhotoQ use the IPTC caption as the post text. IPTC author as the post author, GPS tags, IPTC keywords as wordpress tags, and picture taken date as the post date.

    This is because I manage all my photos using lightroom (including key-wording, captioning and titling all the photos) and just want to export anything I want on my website via an ftp upload. It would be ideal if PhotoQ could then do the rest :-)

    I have googled for code that can read IPTC tags, and the best I could come up with is “The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit” ( It seems abandoned atm, but from testing it myself, it seems it can read all the tags I mentioned above.

    From your end is what I’m asking for feasible?

  • 45

    Giuseppe thinks:

    Hi, really great work, but i have a question. There’s no way to chose a static image for the Home? If you say to me the file that i have to edit i can translate PQ in italian for free ;) thanks a lot


  • 46

    Jeroen writes:

    Hello everyone, today I downloaded PhotoQ version 1.6.2 and installed it on a WordPress 2.7.1; everything went well I thought. But I am experiencing some troubles. I’ve search the site but could not find any solution 

    I can upload the photos by normal way, “add photos to queue”. The progress bar appears and after the upload has been finished on the right top corner appears an “enter info” button. When i push it the site becomes blank and a “save batch info” button appears. When i push it the procedure starts at the beginning.

    \wwwroot\wp-content\imgdir\qdir\ is filled with the uploaded images

    Operating System : WINNT
    Server : Apache/2.2.11 (Win32) PHP/5.2.8
    Memory usage : 21.42 MByte
    MYSQL Version : 5.1.30-community
    PHP Version : 5.2.8
    PHP Safe Mode : Off
    PHP Memory Limit : 128M
    PHP Max Upload Size : 128M
    PHP Max Post Size : 128M
    PHP Max Script Execute Time : N/As
    PHP Exif support : Yes ( V1.4 )
    GD Version : bundled (2.0.34 compatible)

    installed it with the ‘automatic WordPress installer’ on the ‘/wp-admin/plugins.php’ page

    For the time being al my files have 777 permissions

    In my apache error log displays this error after uploading an image:
    [Thu Mar 05 18:36:52 2009] [error] [client x.x.x.x] WordPress database error Table ‘mydb.wp_photoq’ doesn’t exist for query \n\t\tSELECT\n\t\t*\n\t\tFROM\n\t\twp_photoq\n\t\tWHERE\n\t\t1\n\t\tORDER BY q_position\n\t\t made by require_once, require_once, require_once, require_once, include_once, PhotoQ->__construct, PhotoQSingleton->getInstance, PhotoQQueue->__construct, PhotoQQueue->load, PhotoQDB->getQueueByPosition, referer:

    Tried re-installing, no luck.

    I’m not much of a mysql-php-wizzkid, but any help will be appreciated ;)

  • 47

    Pete writes:

    Hi again,
    there is another little ‘issue’ I came across:
    when using lightbox/slimbox to display the photos, the javascript uses the title-attribute of the link generated by photoQ to display as caption beneath the photo. Unfortunately, photoQ does not generate a title-tag with the link.

    There is the option “link having following attributes” in photoQ settings, but you cannot add a dynamic title attribute – php doesn’t parse from this point on.

    Any idea where to start fixing this?


  • 48

    Tony thinks:

    Still waiting on a fix to the batch tags and category selecting in photoq. WordPress 2.7.1 bug. Please let me know when you have a fix for this :(

  • 49

    Jeroen says:

    Small follow-up,

    I don’t have a table “wp_photoq” in my DB.

    Installed a fresh version of wordpress 2.7.0 and only the PhotoQ 1.6.2 plug-in. It did not work either. So I think it has something to do with my Apache-php-mysql configuration. Can someone post the versions of his apache-php-mysql configuration who has a properly working version of PhotoQ?

    Greetz and thanks,

  • 50

    Amber says:

    Great plugin, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to publish the top photo in the queue in a draft state? And not as a published post? I’d like to make edits to the post (put text beneath it, etc) before it is actually published.

  • 51

    Maintenance Updates, PhotoQ 1.6.3 and iQ2 1.0.4 writes:

    [...] it finally is, the long-awaited update of Photoq. PhotoQ 1.6.3 should make the nasty bugs with WordPress 2.7.1 and disappearing photo data a thing [...]

  • 52

    whoismanu says:


    this is now fixed in photoq 1.6.3

  • 53

    whoismanu says:


    can you update to 1.6.3 and tell me whether the problem persists?

  • 54

    whoismanu says:


    does the problem persist with the new version and wordpress 2.7.1?

  • 55

    whoismanu says:


    you are not the first person bringing this up. so i have evaluating a solution for iptc on my to do list. the library you mention was also already proposed so i have to see whether it would fit. to answer your question: yes i am thinking seriously about something like this. however, i still have to figure out the how and when…

  • 56

    whoismanu says:


    guess this is iq2 related and you also posted there. so i’ll answer there.

  • 57

    whoismanu says:


    hmm weird. just to be sure, could you try once more with the latest version of photoq (installing manually w/o any help of other plugins) which fixes an issue with windows servers?

    if it doesn’t help we’ll try to figure out sth else.

  • 58

    whoismanu says:


    normally you can already do this with all photos in the queue (so the ones in the queue have draft status if you wish). if you couldn’t do this so far, it was probably because of the bug in photoq 1.6.2 with wp 2.7.1. this is now fixed, just download the newest version of photoq.

  • 59

    whoismanu says:


    guess i could add a title tag containing the photo title in the next version. if you need this right away i guess the way to go is (untested!):

    - open PhotoQPhoto.php in text editor
    - find generateImgLink function (line 106)
    - add the title attribute to the a-tag in the same way it is done for the alt attribute in the img-tag

    let me know if it worked.

  • 60

    Kip Gordon says:

    it’s still doing the same thing. Add photos > Select Photos. Photos upload ok. when I go to enter info… thumbnails don’t load. if I go to the queue list thumbs still don’t load and when I click edit the row collapses but never loads the edit options and such.

    WP 2.7.1
    Photoq 1.6.3
    PHP 5.2.8
    MySQL 5.0.75-community-log

  • 61

    Matt writes:

    Trying to get this up and running without much luck.

    I have the imagepath set to wp-content/blogs.dir/1827/files. The file gets uploaded fine to the server, but after that I get these errormessages and no image shoving up in the post..

    Any hints to what to look for would be nice.

    Warning: getimagesize(/www/wp-content/blogs.dir/1827/files/qdir/31082008064.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQPhoto.php on line 69

    Warning: Division by zero in /www/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQImageSize.php on line 41

    Warning: Division by zero in /www/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQImageSize.php on line 41

    Warning: Division by zero in /www/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQImageSize.php on line 41

  • 62

    whoismanu says:


    any chance you could send me a temporary login via email such that i can have a short look at this?

  • 63

    whoismanu says:


    well the error messages you get hint at the files not being uploaded properly. now, you say they are… ;-)

    can you check whether it works if you set your image directory to the default ‘wp-content’? can you also check whether it works if you disable batch uploads and upload only single photos?

  • 64

    Kip says:

    Sure, send me an email and I’ll reply back!

  • 65

    johnl thinks:

    I am able to display the list of all of my posts’ custom metadata with the basic

    <?php the_meta(); ?>

    tag in the loop with no problem, but when I try to display a single key’s value with

    <?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘photoQDescr’, ‘rights’, ‘contributor’); ?>

    also tried:

    <?php $marc = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘photoQDescr’, ‘rights’, ‘contributor’, $single = false); ?>
    <p>DC:<?php echo $marc; ?></p>


    <?php $marc = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘photoQDescr’, ‘rights’, ‘contributor’, false); ?>
    <?php echo($marc) ?>

    I can only get a return for ‘photoQDescr’. I am sure I have the correct key names and that that keys have a value becuase I can see it right there in the <?php the_meta(); ?> output.

    Would love to resolve this! By the way, Great plugin.

  • 66

    whoismanu says:


    what are your ‘rights’, ‘contributor’ arguments in the function call? i guess that is where the problem is because according to you should be calling it like this and this also works at least in my themes: get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘photoQDescr’, true);

  • 67

    Maintenance Updates, PhotoQ 1.6.4 and iQ2 1.0.5 says:

    [...] small updates of PhotoQ 1.6 should bring back some of the functionality that got lost during the update to PhotoQ [...]

  • 68

    josh writes:

    I love the pluggin, but there are lots of bugs when I upload photos and enter information. Lots of the information does not seem to stick. My selected categories always seem to get overwritten with the “default” and the other information only seems to stick for the first photo if I upload multiples… great work so far just wish these things worked a bit nicer.

  • 69

    whoismanu says:


    this should be fixed in the latest two versions. are you sure you have the latest version installed?

  • 70

    josh says:

    I have been traveling. I will check out the newest version as soon as I can. Thanks!

  • 71

    johnl writes:

    to display custom field meta had to use this format

    <?php $key=”photoQDescr”; echo get_post_meta($post->ID, $key, true); ?>

    the standard <?php get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘photoQDescr’, true); ?> didn’t work for me

    using wp2.7.1 and PhotoQ 1.6.4
    many thanks for the awesome plugin

  • 72

    Caleidos thinks:

    Hi manu, are you interested to translate the plug-in to spanish? you can make a languaje sistem and i can translate all to spanish and one friend to German.

    If you are interested send me a e-mail :D

  • 73

    whoismanu says:


    thanks for the offer. yes always interested, also haven’t received any offers for spanish yet ;-).

    however, this one has been on my list for ages. i know it is not difficult to set up the plugin for multi-language support. but until now there were always more important issues slipping in between so i just didn’t yet manage to do it. i will get back to you once it is ready to be translated (german i might make myself, otherwise i will get back to you on this one as well).

  • 74

    josh thinks:

    you were right, upgrading fixed the issue. thanks!

    for anyone wondering the upgrade process, simply copy the new files over the old ones. at least that worked for me.


  • 75

    josh thinks:

    hello manu,
    haveing a small problem. maybe you can help. my ‘main’ image derivative is set to fixed width of 600px. This works fine when the image is wider than tall, but just now I posted a photo that is 600×900 and it scales it to be 600 tall rather than 600 wide. any ideas? thanks.

  • 76

    whoismanu says:


    i transferred your post to the forum at and it will also be answered there.

    please use the forum from now on for support questions. thanks.

  • 77

    5.8 Begin je eigen fotoblog | DIGITALE•FOTOGRAFIETIPS writes:

    [...] zelf samengesteld op basis van het iQ2 winter thema. Dit thema wordt gebruikt in combinatie met de photoQ plug-in voor WordPress die automatisch de foto’s verkleint en in een archief plaatst, eigenlijk net [...]

  • 78

    Update: PhotoQ 1.6.5 - Makes Your Photoblog More Future-proof thinks:

    [...] post describes PhotoQ 1.6.5, an update for PhotoQ 1.6. For a full description of PhotoQ please see the main [...]

  • 79

    Lynn Carmouche writes:

    I just downloaded photoq today so I assume it is the most recent version but I am not positive. I am using wordpress version 2.7.1. I created the imgdir in the same folder that the wp_content folder resides in. I changed the default from wp_content to imgdir under further options. When I click on upload photos the only option I have is cancel. I am very new to wordpress and all of this type of thing so please give me the kindergarten version of your suggestions.
    Thank You

  • 80

    whoismanu says:


    i saw you also posted on the forum. thanks. so i will answer there:

  • 81

    jeroen writes:

    Sorry for the delayed reaction; everything works with the latest version (1.6.5)

    I’m loving it! Great work!


    hmm weird. just to be sure, could you try once more with the latest version of photoq (installing manually w/o any help of other plugins) which fixes an issue with windows servers?

    if it doesn’t help we’ll try to figure out sth else.
    - March 11th, 2009 at 6:37 pm”

  • 82

    Tim Linden says:

    You should check out wp_schedule_event for your next update to the plugin. You can have wordpress automatically run the plugin every hour, day, twice day, week. Sorta like the psuedo cron but more efficient.

  • 83

    whoismanu says:


    thanks for your suggestion. yes, you are absolutely right. this is actually already planned but it will likely not make it into the next release yet.

  • 84

    Ultimate Guide To Using WordPress For A Portfolio | Fonts, How-To | Smashing Magazine writes:

    [...] PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin This plug-in turns your blog into a photoblog. Very handy if you want to use a theme that isn’t particularly suited to a portfolio but don’t have the know-how or time to customize it to your needs. [...]

  • 85

    Ultimate Guide To Using WordPress For A Portfolio 於囧 thinks:

    [...] PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin This plug-in turns your blog into a photoblog. Very handy if you want to use a theme that isn’t particularly suited to a portfolio but don’t have the know-how or time to customize it to your needs. [...]

  • 86

    Ultimate Guide To Using WordPress For A Portfolio thinks:

    [...] PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin This plug-in turns your blog into a photoblog. Very handy if you want to use a theme that isn’t particularly suited to a portfolio but don’t have the know-how or time to customize it to your needs. [...]

  • 87

    Ultimate Guide To Using WordPress For A Portfolio | thinks:

    [...] PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin This plug-in turns your blog into a photoblog. Very handy if you want to use a theme that isn’t particularly suited to a portfolio but don’t have the know-how or time to customize it to your needs. [...]

  • 88

    First Day in Barcelona | Patrick in Spain thinks:

    [...] Speaking of photos, I’ll be posting them as soon as I’ve configured some kind of photo gallery software. I looked at 4Images, Coppermine, and Gallery, and I’m sure Chris would be strongly recommending Gallery, but I’m just not feeling it. So, since this is WordPress, I looked for a plugin, and I think I’m going to settle on PhotoQ. [...]

  • 89

    aalim writes:

    i tried to upload as per said in step three in fun part..
    it’s return error
    Upload Eror: 500

    what is that?
    fyi, i can’t use flash upload in wordpress media. upload works fine with normal uploader

    thank u

  • 90

    aalim says:

    additional info: it works fine if i disable batch upload.. it is problem with my hosting or i misconfigure anything?

    thank u

  • 91

    whoismanu says:


    your support question has been moved to the forum at and it will be answered there because i try to have everything handled at one location only. thanks for posting future support questions directly on the forum.

  • 92

    Guide to Hosting your Photography, Digital Photos | Recent Technology News Blog, Washington DC Tech, DC Technology says:

    [...] Filezilla. For easy creation of a photo gallery try using WordPress combined with a gallery plugin (PhotoQ, PhotoSmash, NextGEN, etc)  … or go for a standalone solution such as Plogger, Qdig, or [...]

  • 93
  • 94

    Update: PhotoQ 1.6.6 - Compatible With WordPress 2.8 thinks:

    [...] more information on PhotoQ please visit its main page and for support questions the forum. Posted in blog, photoq, [...]

  • 95

    Week One @ Hartman Creative Arts says:

    [...] rigid (i.e. pictures didn’t have to be taken the day they were posted) then something like PhotoQ would be perfect (it really is a slick plugin, it’s just not suited for my current [...]

  • 96

    Justin thinks:

    Hi I’m wondering where/how it checks to see if you are indeed an administrator before displaying the PhotoQ. Perhaps I could create a patch to enable such functionality as listed below.
    William writes:

    Hi, is it possible to use photoQ from those who’s role is not Administrator. Like say the Administrator and publisher roles?

    - February 10th, 2009 at 11:51 am

  • 97
  • 98

    PhotoQ Wordpress Photoblog Plugin 1.7: Long-Awaited Features Are Finally Here says:

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  • 100
  • 101
  • 102
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    TodoWordPress » iQ2, o un fotoblog fácil y simple con WordPress says:

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    Traducción al español de PhotoQ | Caleidos Weblog says:

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    Updates: PhotoQ 1.8.1 and iQ2 1.2.2 thinks:

    [...] finally managed to put an update for PhotoQ together. No new features this time except for the Spanish translation (muchas gracias, Caleidos), [...]

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    Traducción al Español del tema iQ2 | Caleidos Weblog writes:

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    Noch mehr… writes:

    [...] finally managed to put an update for PhotoQ together. No new features this time except for the Spanish translation (muchas gracias, Caleidos), [...]

  • 116

    Joachim writes:

    WOW great Plugin, I love it!!

    Thanks for sharing

  • 117

    whoismanu says:


    great to hear. you are welcome.


  • 118

    MossackAnme™ thinks:

    hmm…useful plugin…I'll use it soon…goodwork & thank you… ^^

  • 119

    Angel writes:

    My PhotoQ stopped working!
    I updated it, and now I use the latest version of WP and PhotoQ but no thumbnails appear!
    I've checked the chmod, files and directories, I also resetted the database and reinstalled everything but nothing appened, I still have the same problem.

    Lookind at the html code I see that the thumb's code is:

    <img src="" alt="image.jpg">

    it looks too strange to me…

  • 120

    Madaíl says:

    Hi there, great plugin! It's a life saver!

    But i'm having a bad time with the rebuild all function. It simply stoped working, and after you click rebuild, and say ok, in the top we see the beggining of the process,, and the bar…after a few seconds, a big red box appears saying "Aborting batch processing due to following error: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR…" I havent changed anything, and cant say what may be causing…i can rebuild each one, but that would be a killer! I've tried to sign in the forum, but no registration mail ever got to my box, so im sorry for posting this here.. Thanks

  • 121

    A says:

    Hi there – no matter how many times I try to install/cross-check/make corrections etc. the plugin is unable to load the watermark. These are the messages I get after an upload:

    "Warning: rename(/home/…/wp-content/photoQWatermark/Watermark.gif,/home/…/wp-content/photoQwatermark/watermark.gif) [function.rename]: No such file or directory in /home/…/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQHelpers.php on line 145

    Warning: copy(/home/…/wp-content/photoQwatermark/watermark.gif) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/…/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQHelpers.php on line 146"

    and this is the message I see when I go to the Watermark function under Settings:

    "Warning: getimagesize(/home/…/wp-content/photoQwatermark/watermark.gif) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/…/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQ.php on line 1391"

    This is a great plugin in concept, but in practice it has only frustrated me for the past couple of days. I installed it precisely because I was looking for a simplified watermarking/uploading solution, but the watermarking stage – critical – does not work. If you could possibly resolve the issue, your help would be much appreciated.

  • 122

    A writes:

    Oops, sorry, I posted the above comment before stopping to read your notice about the forum… I hope you do reply in any case. Thanks again.

  • 123

    whoismanu says:


    nope, i don't answer any support questions here. i have transferred your post to the forum ( and i will answer it there.

  • 124

    whoismanu says:


    your comment ended up in spam. this is exactly one reason why i would like everyone to post support questions exclusively on the forum. i transferred your problem to the forum and will answer there at

  • 125

    whoismanu says:


    yours as well but i saw that you already reposted on the forum. good! :-)

  • 126

    Photo Blogging - in Help Category says:

    [...] PhotoQ, WordPress Photoblog Plugin [...]

  • 127

    Switch To Wordpress « Deceptive Media thinks:

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    10 außergewöhnliche WordPress Bildergalerie-Plugins | Elmastudio thinks:

    [...] 5. PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin [...]

  • 131

    clare thinks:

    Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/www/c1a2db115a2497b678d202c1ca72f11e/web/blog/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/whoismanu-photoq.php on line 39

    What to do ?

  • 132

    whoismanu says:


    please post support questions on the forum and please read the troubleshooting section ( before doing so. thanks.

  • 133

      Ultimate Guide To Using WordPress For A Portfolio  by Oshoamy says:

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  • 134

    Lotaintaggill writes:

    Spectacularly I was browsing the internet today and I thoroughly freaked out. I absolutely inaugurate my <a href=>ex-girlfriend</a> pictures on the internet. I have no understanding when she did this but my <b>ex-girlfriend </b>was making at liberty with some other teen.
    Does anyone be suffering with any info on this <a href=>ex-girlfriend</a> site?

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    Fabrizio Fancelli says:

    <strong>30 Risorse gratis per Photoblog con WordPress…</strong>

    Volete creare un album fotografico on line? WordPress sembra fatto apposta ed offre una serie di plugin gratis per farlo. Ce ne sono per tutti i gusti. Dal plugin più semplice al più sofisticato. Dipende tutto dall’utilizzo che se ne vuole fare e…

  • 145

    Sravan thinks:

    I installed a AdBrite plug-in, and this caused the PhotoQ plug-in to not work. Please look into this matter and update it.

  • 146

    IT consultant says:

    nice plugin mate! :)

  • 147

    刘苏 says:


  • 148

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  • 152

    Chris Askew says:

    Tried again to register for the Forum to post issue with FTP. Still no response.

  • 153

    A picture says more than a thousand words. thinks:

    [...] The easiest way to get started with photoblogging on WordPress is to either install Johannes Jarolim’s YAPB (yet another photo blog) plugin or the PhotoQ Photoblog plugin. [...]

  • 154

    Cheap Posters writes:

    Great! Will use it next week

  • 155

    Liamoc says:

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin.

    I was wondering if it is possible to automatically turn every photo into a link to a page?

  • 156

    whoismanu says:


    please post your support request on the forum. i will answer it there. thanks for understanding.

  • 157

    PhotoQ 1.9 and iQ2 1.3 for WordPress 3.0 says:

    [...] details and an explanation of all the features can be found in the PhotoQ Documentation and on the iQ2 theme page. Please post any support questions or bug reports on the forum and not as [...]

  • 158

    tony Armstrong says:

    When selecting AutoConfiguration and Load Theme Preset the batch process fails as it looks for whoismanu-photoq-ajax.php which is no longer there

  • 159

    whoismanu says:


    your post will be treated on the forum at

    thanks for using the forum for support questions.

  • 160

    webpicture writes:

    After install, when I try to activate the plugin, I have this message : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /homez.64/webpictu/www/blog/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQClassLoader.php on line 16

    What can I do ?

  • 161

    whoismanu says:


    thanks for posting future support questions on the forum. i would like to group them at one single place, it is easier this way for everyone.

    i already created a thread there for your problem and posted an answer at

    hope this helps.

  • 162

    iQ2 WordPress Photoblog Theme | WordpressPhotoblog thinks:

    [...] by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginiQ2 is a WordPress photoblog theme that fully integrates with the PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin. The main features of the theme at a [...]

  • 163

    iQ2 Photo Blog « XSNOW | Free Templates says:

    [...] is a WordPress photoblog theme that fully integrates with the PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin. The main features of the theme at a [...]

  • 164

    Giulio writes:

    I am using PhotoQ with ViewPort and WordPress 3.0.1. Unfortunately, when I post the images, they all appear misplaced: basically, the overlap (as you can see in my website). Do you think it is because PhotoQ or ViewPort cannot work with WordPress 3.0.1? I did not resize the images, I just resampled them to 72dpi.
    I would appreciate your help, since I want to publish a photoblog and both theme and plugin are very helpful.
    Thanks very much.

    All the best,

  • 165

    They don't dance until dark in Pleasanton thinks:

    [...] last year and, as always, I took some pictures to share. This time I used a WordPress plugin called PhotoQ to post them to the blog. It automates the process of uploading, tagging and adding descriptions to [...]

  • 166

    They don't dance until dark in Pleasanton! writes:

    [...] last year and, as always, I took some pictures to share. This time I used a WordPress plugin called PhotoQ to post them to the blog. It automates the process of uploading, tagging and adding descriptions to [...]

  • 167

    Rob Layfield thinks:


    PhotoQ is fantastic, a very easy way to load multiple images into galleries. I'm really impressed.

    The only thing that can be improved is the auto-cropping, resizing feature. Whilst it works well, it works best when the original images are of a similar aspect ratio to the thumbnail / single image. If for instance the image is a portrait, being cropped into a letterbox, most of the time the subject's head won't make it into the frame.

    It would be amazing if it was possible to hook up an image manipulation script, like jcrop ( to allow WP editors to select the best crop of each image after they've uploaded them, falling back on the default crop as needed.


  • 168

    Marcin thinks:

    Translated everything to polish language, export po file and copied to /lang directory but nothing changed.

  • 169

    Marcin says:

    Ok it's done. I use google :D and Poedit to compile mo file and translation works great :D

  • 170

    wisam says:

    I have a big problem…
    and nothings at this page helps me…
    see this topic:

  • 171

    whoismanu says:


    i created a forum post for your support question. please see here for an answer:

    the forum allows me to keep all support related questions at one single place. thanks.

  • 172

    whoismanu says:


    great, thanks a lot! I approved your translations and added you as a validator for the polish language. see also my email to you…

  • 173

    whoismanu says:


    let's continue this discussion here:

  • 174

    matt says:

    when i try to register it never sends out the email, and when i try to reset my password it doesn't send it out either.

    when i try to register it never sends out the email, and when i try to reset my password it doesn't send it out either.

    i receive:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method PhotoQQueue::uploadPhoto() in /home/content/m/a/t/mattbilodeau/html/ on line 265

    using php 5.2.8, wordpress 3.0.1 photoQ 1.9

    looking at the line in the file i can't find uploadPhoto() in the related class, possibly it was removed in a change.

    The error only comes up when i have images to import into my queue, the cron publishes the files correctly if i have no files in my ftp queue, but i get this message when i have files in the ftp folder.

    my ftp directory is chmod777, so is my originals. is in the same folder as wp-config.php

  • 175

    whoismanu says:


    yes, i got returned mails for your address saying that it has been blocked by your server. i will reset your password and send you an email with your credentials from another account.

  • 176

    Tarlak writes:


    Thanks really, this is an incredible plugin for wordpress.

    I have some little things to do for theme i use but when finish may be i send you the xml.

    Again thaaaaannnks

  • 177

    Lisa writes:

    Is there a way to set a gallery of thumbnails when pics are linked to multiple blogs rather than each pic showing as individual blog post? I'd like to "gang" (old print slang) in a horizontal space the thumbnails if that makes any sense. Any suggestions?

  • 178

    whoismanu says:


    please see my answer on the support forum:

  • 179

    antonio says:

    help me :
    I'm Italian

    Warning: realpath() [function.realpath]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 1169774 is not allowed to access /var/www/html owned by uid 0 in /membri/antoniophoto/blog/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/lib/phpThumb_1.7.9x/phpthumb.class.php on line 1065

  • 180

    whoismanu says:


    you have save mode turned on. photoq needs safe mode turned off, see the requirements of photoq above.

    please do in the future also post support questions to the support forum ( ), thanks a lot.

  • 181

    test | Big Sun Photography writes:

    [...] WordPress is to either install Johannes Jarolim’s YAPB (yet another photo blog) plugin or the PhotoQ Photoblog plugin. [Show as [...]

  • 182

    vicky writes:

    Hi, I'm new at WordPress. I used PhotoQ along with Gallery, which is a Thematic Theme, on WP 3.1 (got a message that PQ was only tested on 3.0 but it seems to work). However, I don't understand how to attach the thumbnails to a page. I would like all the thumbnails to show up on the home page and link to the pages instead of what they are doing, which is each image and thumb showing as an individual post. Do I need to attach them manually? Thanks.

  • 183

    Vicky(again) thinks:

    I think my question is similar to Lisa's above so I will check your answer to her.

  • 184

    Thème Wordpress Portfolio Gratuit | 5axe Deluxe Edition – Le blog says:

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    Ahnaf writes:

    PhotoQ is the best wordpress plug-in. Special thanks to its developer.

  • 187

    Jay Versluis says:

    Hi Manu,

    still rocking your plugin – and it still works a treat ;-)

    Many thanks for the link to my Cron Job article. Matt Mullenweg said I'm not allowed to use the domain anymore so I've changed it to Here's the new URL on how to setup the cron job (same article as before of course):

    All the best from London!

  • 188

    10lofi » Hej writes:

    [...] The easiest way to get started with photoblogging on WordPress is to either install Johannes Jarolim’s YAPB (yet another photo blog) plugin or the PhotoQ Photoblog plugin. [...]

  • 189

    Featured WordPress Plugin: PhotoQ Photoblog - WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress plugins, themes, news and help – says:

    [...] PhotoQ Photoblog is a great way to transform your WordPress website into a photoblog while keeping the styles of your own theme. There are loads of beautiful photoblog themes out there but sometimes you just want to keep your own layout and styling. PhotoQ lets you do that. There are extensive options so you can set up the plugin however you wish, and the developer has provided loads of documentation on his website. [...]

  • 190

    gerard holthuis thinks:

    when activating i gte the following error message

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /home/users/f/i/filmst/www/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/PhotoQClassLoader.php on line 16


  • 191
  • 192

    Neil Stoker thinks:

    Wordpress 3; latest PhotoQ ver 1.9
    - I developed a test site on my laptop, and then uploaded to a server.
    - When I look at old image posts in admin, I don't see the images – the custom fields in the posts are all still local urls
    - I did rebuild the photoq library

    I realise this may not be a PhotoQ problem, except that these are custom fields made by PhotoQ.

    Any thoughts, except to start importing from scratch again?

    Thanks, Neil

  • 193

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    Is it possible to auto-generate posts in wordpress by uploading images? - Quora says:

    [...] sear… If I understand your needs correctly, what you're looking for is the PhotoQ plugin:…It allows batch uploading with each photo populating a new post. It will pull Exif data and file [...]

  • 197

    music sites review says:

    1. In the “Settings” panel of the WordPress Administration you should now have a subpanel labeled “PhotoQ”. Go there.
    2. If you did not stick to the default “imgdir” during installation, you need to specify your choice under “Further Options->Image Directory”.
    3. If you missed anything during installation or if your web server is missing some requirements you will see a warning at the top. The warning is there for a reason, so if you see it please try to fix it before going on ;-)

  • 198

    Telana says:

    I loaded Photo Q Version 1.9 and is using WordPress 3.0.3.
    As I go under posts to Photo Q, I get two Tabs: Add photos to queue and Clear Queue. Ass I go into Add photos to gueue a block appears with a red 'x' inside it. I cannot click on the box at all. What seems to be the problem??

  • 199

    ASPARUH TASHEV » Blog Archive writes:

    [...] DEBUG: PhotoQ DocumentationPhotoQ Support [...]

  • 200

    Creating a Photo Blog Using Wordpress thinks:

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    o-fullscreen-photo » Img640x480 01 thinks:

    [...] image. This is an image of 640×480 px. To show it full screen in this theme, it's necessary to use PhotoQ wordpress plugin. function toggleCat5() { var ele = document.getElementById("descripcioCat"); var [...]

  • 202

    o-fullscreen-photo » Img640x480 says:

    [...] is an image of 640×480 px. To show it full screen in this theme, it’s necessary to use PhotoQ wordpress plugin. If you add this description in your image as an EXIF metatag with your image [...]

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    [...] The easiest way to get started with photoblogging on WordPress is to either install Johannes Jarolim’s YAPB (yet another photo blog) plugin or the PhotoQ Photoblog plugin. [...]

  • 204

    Jay Versluis thinks:

    Hi Manu,

    I'm trying to integrate PhotoQ in a new theme I'm building. I was wondering if you had a function reference for me?

    Particularly I'm after a function that gives me the URL of the thumbnail of a PhotoQ post. I can get ordinairy WordPress image attachments or embeds that are part of the media gallery, but I can't get a hold of PhotoQ posts.

    Any help appreicated ;-)

  • 205

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    Nice WordPress plugin !
    I have been looking for a WordPress photo plugin to help me in uploading several images at the same time. I found it on your post. Thank alot for sharing .


  • 206

    Crl thinks:

    Is it possible to have a link to content post instead of image url while using freefrom?

    I would like to have thumbnail on home page linked to detail post showing exif and mian image linked to original.

  • 207

    karnadi writes:

    i got error like this :

    Fatal error: Call to a member function push() on a non-object in /home/methodi1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/photoq-photoblog-plugin/classes/error/PhotoQ_Error_Exception.php on line 19


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  • 209

    xinelo thinks:

    I've got the same error as @karnadi

    Cheers, Manuel

  • 210

    Tin cong nghe writes:

    Hi admin, i already installed this plugin, but i wonder that i can get the image link after uploading.
    Thank for help ^_^

  • 211

    dave writes:

    hi there,

    i am using wordpress + postie to post from my mobile devices via email. i notice the thumbnails do not get created when i post this way. does anyone know how to get the thumbnails working?


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    Wow, this is a great application for all of my photos. Can it be use even if you don't have a hosting account?

  • 213

    Krzysztof writes:


    The plugin is really great and I'm enjoying it. However, it lacks one important thing or I'm just unable to find it. Is it possible to show the nickname of the author uploading photo somewhere in the frontend? Maybe I could do it alone by modyfing one of the PHP files, but I want to make sure I'm not going to take the long way home.

    Thanks in advance and again – good job!

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  • 215

    Jason says:

    I have PhotoQ running on 3.1.3, just wanted to share the information and allow you to check it out to let everyone know it is compatible with the new version.

    Do you know if there is a way to allow people who visit my site to upload pictures to my photoq and have them pending until I approve? Thanks for the help and tool, works great.

  • 216

    David says:

    Where can I get the plugin? None of the links on this page seem to work anymore. Please tell me you didn't decide to discontinue it. :(

  • 217

    PhotoBlogs thinks:

    [...] The easiest way to get started with photoblogging on WordPress is to either install Johannes Jarolim’s YAPB (yet another photo blog) plugin or the PhotoQ Photoblog plugin. [...]

  • 218

    Dave thinks:

    Suggested features and additions.


    - Remote upload videos from URL
    - Import videos from server folder
    - Encode videos directly on upload/import via FFMPEG/libx264 into 480p/720p/1080p video streams
    - Auto post videos to posts (like PhotoQ)
    - Add upload option for guests and members to also upload videos
    - Automatically embed JW Player into posts to stream videos within WordPress
    - Include embed code to share self-hosted videos on other sites

    Right now I use Clipbucket to grab, encode and post video streams seamlessly. Problem is I miss WordPress the features ad security of WordPress. VideoQ would be ideal for creating amazing video portals.

    This plugin would be amazing!

  • 219

    Photoblogs and Galleries with WordPress - Wordpress Arena writes:

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    I had the same problem, the download link seems to be wrong and it hasn't been updated. I managed to find the following link to 2.0beta:

    I had some issues with it using the imagemagick convert binary, this made my VPS quite unresponsive, it had been better to use the php extensions (PECL). In the end I needed to make a wrapper script which limited the memory usage for the convert, this made it better, but using a nice value made that the plug-in timed out (nice -n 19).
    Think there would be improvement potential in the plug-in and a feature I miss is to make a post with multiple images.

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