iQ2 WordPress Photoblog Theme

iQ2 is a WordPress photoblog theme that fully integrates with the PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin. The main features of the theme at a glance:

  • Fixed width
  • Fully widget compatible
  • Built-in EXIF/IPTC support (via PhotoQ)
  • Skinnable: Easily exchangeable color schemes allow customizing look of iQ2 to your liking

To see a demo of the theme, please visit

If you want to see a live website running on a customized version of the iQ2 WordPress Photoblog Theme you can visit my photoblog.


iQ2 WordPress Photoblog Theme A mosaic of archived photos.


As of version 1.3, iQ2 requires at least PHP 5.1.2 to run. PHP 4 is no longer supported.

While theme iQ2 WordPress Photoblog Theme does no longer (as of version 1.1.) strictly require the PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin, it is still highly recommended. iQ2 assumes photo posts to be formatted in a certain way (e.g. the thumbnail in the excerpt, EXIF data in a custom fields called “photoQExif”). You certainly can enter this data by hand but it is cumbersome, so why not have PhotoQ do the job.

If used together with PhotoQ, iQ2 1.3 requires at least version 1.9 of PhotoQ.


  1. Download, install and activate PhotoQ.
  2. Download the latest version of the iQ2 WordPress Photoblog theme.
  3. Unzip and upload the ‘iq2′ folder to your ‘wp-contents/themes’ directory.
  4. Activate the iQ2 theme in the design tab of the WordPress admin section.

PhotoQ Settings for iQ2

This section explains what configurations you need to make in PhotoQ in order for iQ2 to look like it should. iQ2 being a fixed width theme for example implies that you need to set appropriate widths for the photos you plan to post. If you know how to tweak CSS stylesheets you can of course choose bigger sizes than the ones given here provided that you adjust the iQ2 stylesheet accordingly. In general, however, you go with the following PhotoQ settings:

  • Note: As of PhotoQ 1.8 you don’t have to configure any of the starred options (*) by hand anymore thanks to PhotoQ’s auto-configuration option. Just load the preset for iQ2 and you are done.
  • (*) Image Sizes -> Thumbnail: ‘Landscape Width’ 80px.
  • (*) Image Sizes -> Main: Any size that restricts the maximum width to 700px will do. For example, ‘Maximum Dimensions’ 700x525px.
  • (*) Views -> the_content: ‘Single Photo’ main. Also make sure that neither the “Photo Description” nor the “Exif Meta Data” checkboxes are checked. iQ2 shows both photo description and exif information directly in the theme without inlining, so if you check either of these it will show twice.
  • (*) Views -> the_excerpt: ‘Single Photo’ thumbnail.
  • If you want EXIF information to be displayed, you need to choose the tags to be shown in the EXIF settings.
  • If you want you can of course also add a watermark to your photos. See the PhotoQ documentation for details.

Configuration of iQ2

iQ2 Settings can be found under ‘Design->iQ2 Settings’ in your WordPress admin section. There you can decide whether to show EXIF information or not and what should be displayed in the footer. You can also conveniently switch the color scheme / skin.

To add an archive page showing all your photos you need to do the following:

  1. Add a new WordPress page under “Manage->Pages”.
  2. Give it a suitable title, e.g., ‘Archive’ or ‘Photos’ or ‘Mosaic’ or…
  3. You can leave the page body empty.
  4. Under “Page Template” choose “Archives”.
  5. “Page Order” lets you change the order of the entries in the iQ2 navigation bar.

To add a static front page:

  1. Add a new WordPress page under “Manage->Pages”.
  2. Give it a suitable title, e.g., ‘Front Page’ …
  3. Fill the page body with whatever should appear on your front page.
  4. Under “Page Template” choose “Static Frontpage”.
  5. Save the page.
  6. Under “Settings->Reading->Front page displays” set the radio button to “A static page” and select the page you just created in the drop-down list under “Front Page”.
  7. Save the changes.

Customizing iQ2

The easiest way to customize iQ2 is by adding a new color scheme. Color schemes are a sort of skin for iQ2 and are found in ‘wp-content/themes/iq2/colors/’. A color scheme is basically a CSS file with a file name that starts with ‘iq2-colors-’ and that contains CSS color definitions. You can create your own skin by copying for example the default ‘iq2-colors-aubergine-meets-lime.css’ file and giving it a new name (remember though that you need to keep the ‘iq2-colors-’ prefix, otherwise iQ2 will not recognize the file. Also the file needs to be located inside the ‘colors’ folder). You can then change the color definitions inside your new color scheme to your liking. To activate your new color scheme go to ‘Design->iQ2Settings’ and select your scheme from the drop down list.

Note that the color scheme is loaded after the main stylesheet. This means that you are not really restricted to color definitions only but you should be able to overwrite virtually any CSS property of the iQ2 theme in your color scheme.

If you made a nice looking color scheme for iQ2 please let me know. I would be more than happy to include it in the list below or even in the next release of iQ2. Currently the following color schemes are available:

  • Aubergine Meets Lime: The dark default skin that is shown on the demo page.
  • Cherry Chocolate: A dark skin with a brownish background, yummy!
  • Winter Day: The bright default skin for those who don’t like the dark ones ;-)
  • Fire: Set your blog on fire with this user contributed color scheme by Edd Scorpio.

iQ2 in Your Language

All i18n related files can be found in the “/lang” directory inside the theme folder. Currently, the translation status of iQ2 is the following:

As for PhotoQ, translating iQ2 is handled through the collaborative GlotPress tool. To contribute to translations, you can log in at with your forum account. For more information on how to help translating, please see the language section of the PhotoQ documentation.

Support iQ2 – Help to Make iQ2 Better

You like iQ2? Here’s what you can do to support iQ2 and help make it better:

  • Any comments, suggestions, bug reports, feature requests, contributions to future versions, etc., etc. are highly appreciated. Any help to improve iQ2 is more than welcome. I cannot fix/improve anything if I don’t know what is wrong.
  • Spread the word. Tell everyone how great iQ2 is. Blog about it. Recommend it on your website. There are a lot of possibilities…
  • You created a color scheme / skin for iQ2 that you would like to share? Great, let me know and I’ll link to it or even include it in the next release.
  • You are using iQ2 on your photoblog? Let me know and I might link to your site.
  • Of course you are also always allowed to donate something via the donate button on this page if you feel it is appropriate.


  1. “After updating to PhotoQ 1.6 it doesn’t work anymore!”. Did you update iQ2 as well? You need at least iQ2 1.0.1 to work with PhotoQ versions bigger than v1.6.

Troubleshooting PhotoQ is explained on the PhotoQ homepage.

Version History

  • 16.07.2010 – 1.3: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.9.
  • 22.11.2009 – 1.2.3: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.8.3.
  • 22.09.2009 – 1.2.2: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.8.1. Frontpage now again always has image link.
  • 20.08.2009 – 1.2.1: New options to: change description/keywords html meta info, hide WP version, disable main image link to previous post
  • 18.08.2009 – 1.2: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.8. Add possibility to have a static front page.
  • 23.07.2009 – 1.1: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.7. Adds i18n, paged archives, photo description in RSS feeds, custom welcome message, new skin.
  • 08.04.2009 – 1.0.6: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.6.5. Photo description now has “photoQDescr” CSS class.
  • 18.03.2009 – 1.0.5: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.6.4.
  • 11.03.2009 – 1.0.4: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.6.3.
  • 25.01.2009 – 1.0.3: Better interaction between iQ2 and PhotoQ, singleton pattern updated.
  • 23.01.2009 – 1.0.2: CSS change for archive pages: thumbs are now horizontally centered and their default height is now equal to their default width.
  • 12.12.2008 – 1.0.1: Compatibility update for PhotoQ 1.6.
  • 19.11.2008 – 1.0: First public release.


Comments (271)

  • 1

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    [...] laziest option when it comes to WordPress themes for PhotoQ is to use the ready-made iQ2 photoblog theme. iQ2 comes with full PhotoQ integration out-of-the-box and instructions on how to configure PhotoQ. [...]

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  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

    Sam says:

    Am trying to put up a combined family photo site for cousins, aunts, uncles etc. Am using Gallery 2.0 but its frustrating.

    I think your work is perfect, with great features in photoQ…so thank you for sharing it.

    One question, apart from ‘categories’, is there another way to have images collected into ‘Albums’ (based on events like ‘party’ or ‘grandma visit’), DURING UPLOAD?

    if it is, do let me know…
    Most older users will not be able to create New categories, or assign subcategories…its too hard for them. :-)

    thanks and regards,

  • 9

    whoismanu says:


    you could maybe use tags?

  • 10

    Jay says:

    Hi, im using the iq2/photoQ setup, everything is fine, but it doesnt allow me to upload photo’s over the size of 2048K. It says something about adjusting in the config file. But i cant find where. Can someone please help me. Is there a way that photoQ will automatically shrink the actual file size..not just width/height. If not, is there a way to raise the file size limit.. thanks

  • 11

    whoismanu says:


    nope, because photoq can only act on the file once it is uploaded to the server. and that is what the file size limit prevents in your case. i would always recommend to downsize photos before uploading. probably you will anyway never have to show a 2mb+ photo. if you really have to you have to increase the file size limit.

    you can try either this:

    Increase the PHP memory limit via .htaccess (e.g. php_value memory_limit 64M). Note: many hosts don’t allow this.

    or this:

    Increase the PHP memory limit via wp-config.php (e.g. define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64MB’);)

    or you can upload the photos via ftp and then import them into photoq. instructions for this can be found in the photoq documentation.

  • 12

    Ron writes:

    I’m testing IQ2 and PhotoQ, and really like how they work. However for my site, I really need multiple “archive” gallery pages to group my photos into different collections (i.e. one page for Landscape photos, one page for Wildlife photos, etc.), rather than just one Archive page. Is there a way of doing this?

  • 13

    whoismanu says:


    but this is already done in iq2 via categories, no? e.g. on the iq2 demo page the following link only shows photos in the “landscape” category:

    to show the categories you just need to activate the categories widget.

  • 14

    PhotoQ Wordpress Photoblog Plugin 1.6 for WordPress 2.7 thinks:

    [...] note that if you use the iQ2 Photoblog Theme, you have to update iQ2 as [...]

  • 15

    shunz says:

    I found iq2 can’t work in wordpress 2.7 & photoQ 1.6 ?

  • 16

    whoismanu says:


    you need to use the latest iq2 version 1.0.1. i think i should make this more explicit.

  • 17

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  • 18
  • 19

    Frank says:

    i am trying to get the plugin and theme to work. when i go to add photos to the queue i get this message “Cannot load whoismanu-photoq.php.” any idea why? thanks

  • 20
  • 21

    whoismanu says:


    let us first figure out whether it is a photoq or iq2 problem.
    can you try to deactivate iq2 and just run photoq with the wordpress standard theme? do you still have the same problem in this case?

  • 22
  • 23

    Photo Blogging says:

    [...] tried a plugin and a skin here without total success. The plugin was  photoQ and the skin was iQ2 although we’ve since [...]

  • 24

    Debbie writes:

    This is my favorite of the (not so) many good WP photoblog themes – but having a few problems. First, my thumbs are showing up full-size even though I have them set to 100px fixed.

    There are no prev/next buttons on the main page but when I click the photo I get this:

    Your help greatly appreciated – I love the theme.

  • 25

    whoismanu says:


    i guess both problems are actually one and the same. please look above in the description under “PhotoQ Settings for iQ2″. Especially make sure that under PhotoQ Settings -> Views -> the_excerpt -> Single Photo, “thumbnail” is chosen in the dropdown menu.
    Also the size of the thumb should be set to 80px fixed unless you tweak the theme’s css file on your own to match another size.

  • 26

    Debbie says:

    That’s what I missed – the excerpt=thumbnail. Thanks so much.

  • 27

    Debbie thinks:

    Is it possible to center or better space the thumbs in the archives? I’d like more vertical room between them, but centering would be great too:

  • 28
  • 29

    whoismanu says:


    there is now a new iq2 version available (1.0.2) that does exactly this. thanks for pointing this out.

  • 30

    Joe thinks:

    How would you go about limiting the archive to only show ‘x’ number of images per page.

  • 31

    whoismanu says:


    right now paged archives are not implemented in iq2. but i think you are right this would be a useful improvement for some people so i put it on my to do list.

    for the category archives it seems easy to do. if you know some php and how to adapt wordpress templates you can do the following (but it will only affect the category archives and not the overall archive which is probably where you would like this the most). you can open the archive.php template file in a text editor and change “nopaging=1″ to “nopaging=0″ on line 54. then you have to place the links to the next and previous posts links ( ) somewhere in the template file (best place seems to be after the line that says <?php endwhile; ?>) ). finally in the reading settings in wordpress admin the number of posts to show has to be set.

  • 32

    Joe says:

    I was messing around with this last night on my test server and did what you explained above but used the <a href=””>WP Page Numbers</a> plugin. Worked nicely.

    I was also wondering how you would go about making a page showing the “latest x image uploads”. Meaning it would show the latest 10-20 or so uploads on a page.

  • 33

    whoismanu says:


    note that this requires hacking iq2. also note that i didn’t test it so possibly you’ll need some knowledge of php to get it right.

    i would make a copy of the archives.php template calling it e.g. lastposts.php. in the new template i would then replace the call to $iQ2Theme->getAllPosts() by a call to say $iQ2Theme->getLastXPosts(10). then i would copy the function getAllPosts() in iq2/classes/IQ2Theme.php calling it getLastXPosts($numPosts) and replace the line

    $getPostArgs[] = ‘numberposts=’.$this->getTotalNumberOfPosts();

    in the new function with

    $getPostArgs[] = ‘numberposts=’.$numPosts;

    finally i would create a page in the wordpress admin panel using the lastposts template in the same way you do for the archives page.

    hope this helps and also hope it is more or less understandable.

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  • 39

    Daniel says:

    I use your theme and love the layout, nice and clean. I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of the tags and categories that show up on all my pages. I don’t really need them and they take up valuable real-estate. Also… curious if anyone has been able to incorporate a drop-down menu within your theme. Thank you for your time,


  • 40

    whoismanu says:


    if you are talking about those in the sidebar: The sidebar is widget ready. so just read about widgets on wordpress codex and you will see how you can adapt it to your liking from the wordpress admin panel.

    if you are talking about the categories etc. on the single post pages: Open iq2/single.php file in a text editor and delete the entire <p class=”postmetadata”> tag (lines 30 – 32).

  • 41

    Dani says:

    Hi. How on Earth do I make an archive page? This is absolutely perfect for what I need but I’ve no idea how to code it, unfortunately. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  • 42

    Dani thinks:

    Silly me. Had to play around with the thumbnail/excerpt settings.
    Thanks for such a brilliant program.

  • 43

    Erfan writes:

    First I should thank you because of this beautiful theme.
    But I have a little problem here:
    How is it possible to have both photoblog and blog?
    For example on the header, next to about, how can I put a blog link to only text articles and categories but not photos.
    As I tried I not only can’t create distinct part for the blog but some of my older posts also are not appearing at all…

  • 44

    Joe says:

    I have a problem after installing. When going to publish photos I get this huge dump of errors. I have no clue what it means and do not know how to tell if my server has imagemagic as its not listed anywhere. I hate to dump the whole error here but didnt see an option for attach. so will dump only lines I think are the error.
    Thank you for anything you can do to assist.

    ImageMagickThumbnailToGD() aborting because $this->sourceFilename is empty in file “phpthumb.class.php” on line 1270

    Not using EXIF thumbnail data because $this->exif_thumbnail_data is empty in file “phpthumb.class.php” on line 3245

    $this->gdimg_source is still empty in file “phpthumb.class.php” on line 3297

    ImageMagickThumbnailToGD() failed in file “phpthumb.class.php” on line 3299

    phpThumb() v1.7.8-200709161750

    Unknown image type identified by “” () in SourceImageToGD()[3411] in file “phpthumb.class.php” on line 3614

    SourceImageToGD() failed in file “phpthumb.class.php” on line 323

  • 45

    laullon writes:


    Which kind of license has your theme?

    I’m wondering if I could modify the theme to work with my own PhotoBlog plugin

  • 46

    140+ Brilliant Free Wordpress Themes Around | instantShift writes:

    [...] iQ2 Features Live Demo [...]

  • 47

    Giuseppe says:

    Hi, really great work, but i have a question. There’s no way to chose a static image for the Home? If you say to me the file that i have to edit i can translate PQ in italian for free ;) thanks a lot


  • 48

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  • 49

    Eureka Tips» 15+ Free Photoblogging wordpress themes compilation says:

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  • 50

    whoismanu says:


    this theme is meant as a pure photoblog theme. there is currently no option to show non-photo posts (except for pages to show about sections etc).

    if you want functionality like this you have to make your own theme by editing/customizing iq2.

  • 51

    whoismanu says:


    you have to edit index.php:

    - delete all the stuff between (and not including) the div and the last line that shows the footer
    - replace with whatever html you want

    i’ll get back to you for the italian version once i find the time to make it multi-language (which has been sitting on my todo list for at least a year now) ;-)

  • 52

    whoismanu says:


    so does this make us competitiors ;-) ? the theme is gpl like wordpress. so yes, you can as long as your software is free as well. note, however, that i won’t provide support for it. also, it would still be nice to leave a link to my site. ah yes and please use a different name to avoid confusion.

  • 53
  • 54

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  • 55

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  • 56

    debbie writes:

    I like this theme the best out of any that I have seen (and I’ve been searching!) but there are just a few problems I’m having…and keep in mind that I’m extremely new at this whole wordpress thing!

    Is there anyway to make the header larger and to add my own logo/image in there?

    Also, when I go to my blog the first post that I did is showing up but to see posts since then I have to go to archive. What am I missing?

    Thank you so much!


  • 57

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  • 59

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  • 60
  • 61

    whoismanu says:


    your support question has been moved to the forum at and it will be answered there because i try to have everything handled at one location only. thanks for posting future support questions directly on the forum.

  • 62
  • 63

    Update: PhotoQ 1.6.5 - Makes Your Photoblog More Future-proof writes:

    [...] In addition to the above, PhotoQ 1.6.5 also contains a few bug fixes and some refactoring. The update is therefore recommended to everybody running PhotoQ. For iQ2 users there is also a companion update to iQ2 1.0.6. [...]

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  • 65
  • 66

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  • 67

    Gaj writes:

    Hi, when i get a Not Found error. I am guessing the file is not taken from 404.php, which file do i have to change to customise my error message. For now it just shows “Not found” and “search site form”

  • 68

    Gaj says:

    Sorry, i forgot to mention, its the archive page that i am trying to access. If nothing is added to show in archive the footer goes through the whole page and theme looks broken.

  • 69

    whoismanu says:


    your support question has been moved to the forum at and it will be answered there because i try to have everything handled at one location only. thanks for posting future support questions directly on the forum.

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  • 74
  • 75

    tina says:

    I’m trying to use this theme but I get an error message:Stylesheet is missing.

    any ideas?

  • 76

    whoismanu says:


    your support question has been moved to the forum at and it will be answered there because i try to have everything handled at one location only. thanks for posting future support questions directly on the forum.

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