Beta Version for Testing PhotoQ 2.0 Available Now

A beta version of PhotoQ 2.0 is now available for testing. I am happy about any feedback that I can get from you on the new version, be it that everything works just fine, be it a bug that you found. To keep everything more or less in a single place, I would be glad if bug reports were submitted to the forum, e.g., in the PhotoQ 2.0b thread.

As always, please note that the beta version is meant for testing only. If you use it on your “real” site, please be sure to have appropriate backups ready.

If you use iQ2 as well, please download this version to use it together with PhotoQ 2.0b.

Here are some more details on PhotoQ 2.0b:

  • Upgrading: PhotoQ 2.0b no longer has a separate “imgdir” setting. The “imgdir” now corresponds to the WordPress upload directory that you can set under “Settings->Media->Uploading Files->Store uploads in this folder”. If after upgrading you end up with broken image links (e.g. of the queued photos), the reason is that your old PhotoQ “imgdir” setting doesn’t match the WordPress upload directory setting. In this case you can change the WordPress upload directory such that it matches the “imgdir” that you formerly used with PhotoQ. This should then bring your images back. If you change the upload directory at a later time, PhotoQ automatically moves all files to the new location and updates all links.
  • All of these known bugs should now be fixed.
  • PhotoQ now integrates with the Media Library. All photos posted via PhotoQ are automatically also added to the Media Library.
  • PhotoQ can automatically set the featured image that is required by some themes. This can be activated under “Settings->PhotoQ->Autogenerated Information->Featured Image”. To avoid browser-resizing (should work as of v2.0b5), an image size matching the image size passed to the_post_thumbnail() needs to be defined under “Settings->PhotoQ->Image Sizes”.
  • Custom taxonomies are now supported in addition to tags and categories.
  • The same goes for custom post types that are now also supported. You can set under “Settings->PhotoQ->Autogenerated Information->PhotoQ Post Type” what post type photos posted with PhotoQ should belong to. If you choose a post type other than “post”, the “PhotoQ” menu entry that links to the “Manage PhotoQ” page also moves to the menu of the corresponding post type.
  • (as of version 2.0b2) IPTC data containing copyright information can now be written into resized images. Corresponding option is under “Settings->PhotoQ->Exif/IPTC”. Make sure you also check the checkbox of all the image sizes you want this applied to (under “Settings->PhotoQ->Image Sizes”).
  • Huge parts of the code have been rewritten with not many classes that remained untouched. Although this is the biggest change of all, it should be mostly transparent to the user.

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    tuition agency thinks:

    What's the latest update for it?

  • 2

    marco writes:

    Hei, are you still developing the plugin??
    Any chance to have a wp 3.1 approved version??
    Thanks a lot for this great piece of code.

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    Brian H. writes:

    Love your plugin. It's the only thing out there which does what I need.

    You're awesome. Keep up the great work.

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    Why don't you use Imagick extension for PHP instead of using binaries?
    The extension is both CPU light and faster than using the binaries in exec().

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    Cattis thinks:

    It's been about a year in the Apple vs Samsung fight. Still no clear winner. Have a nice sunday!

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    B. writes:

    Hi, It seems your plugin is just want I need, are you not maintaining it anymore? It seems to work fine in WP 3.3.1, If there are no outstanding bugs maybe you should promote the beta to release and put it in the wordpress plugin directory.

  • 9

    Steve T says:

    we've used V 1.9.1 extensively but there are some bugs when we move the site to a new server. Is there likely to be any new releases or will the beta release coem out of beta

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    What happened? Where'd you go? writes:

    What happened? Just read about your plugin on the official WordPress website. They had a link here and everything, but I see the plugin itself is no longer available for download, and there isn't any kind of explanation here.

    Is the plugin now being offered under a different name? I really like what I saw and I'd love to try it out, but I was bummed to find it doesn't appear to be available anywhere.


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